Monday, April 28, 2014

Nerdy is the new sexy!

Hello loves!  How yall doing so far? I'm doing great although my final examination starts this Wednesday but I'm great hehe. 
Now I know Raya is about 3 months away but don't you want to start planning on what to wear. accessorize and such now? 

You have 1 more month till Puasa and I know you're going to be tired and restless during that time so lets start now! How about 
staring with something simple like accessorizing! Ever tried of accessorizing with gadgets? You would be surprised of how 
much by just changing your iPhone (any phones) cases can change up your whole look! Try to mix and match your clothes
and your gadgets today! Here are some ideas for you to try! 

Which one is your favourite? Mine is the "My Little Black Dress". Really love the style! 

More info:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Event: Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet

Hello loves!  
Yesterday I went to the Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet happening at Taylor's Lakeside Campus from 25th-27th April 
(More info here). 

I went there around 9.30 a.m yesterday but I decided to take my breakfast first. When I came back the first session 
has started so I quickly registered and I got the 10.20 a.m session which was the second session. 

Look at all the girls behind there trying to find pretty clothes that they like. I was so nervous because I don't 
know how to fold clothes nicely HAHA I'm the worst at folding clothes you know!

So everyone has only 15 minutes to pick the clothes that they like and fold them nicely into the zip back. 
Hence the two girls sitting down and folding their clothes. They managed to get a lot!

But careful, there's a penalty cost of RM20 you have to pay if you happen to rip the bag and they will give 
you a new bag after you pay. Sobs. I ripped my bag few minutes before the session ended :( 

HAHA! Ugly sad faces. I only managed to get 1x floral long skirt, 1x sweater and 1x long sleeve shirt. But I absolutely 
love all the items I picked up especially the skirt! Noticed that my bag is marked "P"? Sobs, P stands for penalty :(

I also picked up Aussino King Quilt Cover for my mom at the Aussino 80% Stock Clearance Sale (More info here)! There 
were a lot of people there and there are a lot of chooses to choose from, from bed sheets, quilt covers to towels! 

Tomorrow is the last day so don't miss this awesome event! If you're around Subang, come to Taylor's Lakeside Campus! 
It starts at 10 a.m. And also, don't miss out the Blowout Sales where everything is priced at RM10 which starts at 4 p.m! 
There are also a mini bazaar where you can buy accessories, bikinis, cosmetics and Bag Of Love is also there too! 
Don't miss out!

p/s: The record now is 20 pieces by a guy! Girls, go beat!

TAG: Drugstore Diva!

Hello loves! ❤ Cheers to my very first TAG post! Back when this blog was just a diary (but then I deleted everything), I was kind of a TAG
diva lol I love doing TAGs back then even the ones where I didn't get tagged :p Thank you Syaza of BloobsBlurbs for tagging me! 

A lot of people have been saying that I'm a high maintenance person but that's only towards skincare products because I have a very 
sensitive skin so I'm very choosy and want only the best for my skin. But when it comes to makeup, if its good then I'm all over the town! 

My current favourites and what I use mostly everyday xx

1-Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder in 03 Natural | RM19.90
I usually switch up from one Maybelline powder to the next (Just 'cause I think they're all the same) every time I'm all out of the one I'm using at that time so this is the one I'm using right now. It provides an OK coverage when wearing it alone and also an OK coverage when using it as a setting powder but it does keep my face from shining for an extra hour than usual. 

2- ELF Tickled Pink Blush | RM 10
One of my favourite natural blush of all time! Its very soft and sweet and I just love it when I wear it. Very natural. But the drawbacks are that you got to apply multiple times to get the colour out and the only way to get it is through online. 

3- Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 180 Sand Beige | RM58.00
I've yet to make a proper review on this but my tricks on achieving a flawless look with this is on its way as requested by someone hehe but this is my #1 favourite foundation ever hands down. Even Estee Lauder Double Wear pun cannot compete with how flawless this makes me. Love love!

4- Maybelline Lashionista Mascara | RM 35.90
Apa itu false lashes again? This mascara will make you forget about it. I love how long it makes my bottom lashes look. A must have!

5- IN2IT Gel Tint in GT 03 Raspberry | RM 9.00
On days where I want a very soft and natural lips, this is what I will use. A multi-use product for both lips and cheeks. It makes it seem as if I was born with a red lips hehe that's how natural it can be on the lips. 

6- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo | RM26.00
Ya Allah I'm so obsessed with SMLCs! Nak beli online malas, tak ada duit dalam bank. In Sephora pula always sold out hm. I have three right now; Amsterdam, San Paulo and Istanbul and this is my favourite one. My next target would be Addis Ababa. That colour is so me *drools. Whoever created these deserve a lifetime award! 

7- Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze | RM19.90
I just recently bought this and I hate myself for not buying it earlier. So much love for this! To me its too much to wear it alone so I just use it as a base for that metallic look. 

8- Loreal Inflallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe | RM 18.00 
For a quick and easy eye look, this is my gal. I love wearing it alone as opposed to mixing it with other colours. I think its just pretty on its own. But you can add white/champagne colour on the inner corners to brighten up the eyes a little bit. 

9- Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 01 Black Fever | RM10.90
If you follow me on Instagram then you would know the story behind this lol wish it could be creamier but one of the best eyeliner nonetheless. A must have also! I also love their eyebrow powder but I forgot to include it in the picture but that's the one I'm using at the moment.

So that conclude my Drugstore Diva tag! Diva tak mak? Hehe. 
 Are you a drugstore diva too? I tag all of you to show it off!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LC Derma Skincare Range - Overview

Hello loves! ❤ Remember last month I went to HiShop X LC Derma Skincare Workshop (here)? Well, today I'm going to give you guys an overview of the whole LC Derma Skincare range and give you guys a little bit of idea of which one suits your skin problem(s) more. But, mind you that I will do a more in depth review on each of the product/range later on because I do have my own personal thoughts on each one of these products. 

All LC Derma products have; 
No Lanolin, No Colorant, No Animal Derived Ingredients, No Petrochemical, No Preservative Added, No Comedogenic Ingredients, No Mineral Oil. 

This is a sulfate-free, mild, gentle and non-irritating cleanser that removes surface impurities, dirts, excess oils and it washes off easily. 
And its also formulated with mild and moisturizing ingredients that is kind to our delicate skin. Its very safe to use for all skin types!

This mist is not just going to keep your skin as healthy as possible and improve your skin conditions but make it appears 
younger. An oily-free solution that is non-drying to the skin that provides a surge of hydration which helps to improve signs 
of aging/skin refining. Frequent use will leave your skin delicate, smooth, moisturize, soft and supple and youthful.

A non-drying and non-greasy formulation that gives you an intense sensation of softness. Enriched 
with moisturizing complex that are kind to our skin and prevent it from drying out. 

They key active ingredient is derived from the combination of two super-leaves that contains tannins to protect oily and 
acne-prone skin. This environmentally responsible ingredient helps to reduce the inflammation by limiting sebum oxidation 
and thus, control sebum production. This product keeps your pores clean and clear and your skin will be less oily.

LC Derma Lipo Stem Cell Anti-Aging Serum (30ml) | RM109.90
Creating a more youthful, healthier and younger-looking skin, this incredible serum helps to protect your skin against aging 
and get rid of those wrinkles/fine lines, leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated, plumper, smoother, supple, firm and lift. 

LC Derma Lipoceu Lumino Whitening Serum (30ml) | RM109.90
Keep up your skin radiance with this light and on-greasy Lipoceu Lumino Whitening Serum. It is not only great as brightens up your 
skin complexion, but it moisturizes and evens out your skin, leaving your skin smoother, softer and brighter skin appearance.

LC Derma UV CC Cream SPF30 (30ml) | RM89.90
A multi-function CC Cream that helps to even out skin tone for perfect radiant skin. Rich, non-greasy, soothing, comfortable and 
hydrate all day long. It helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and helps your skin maintain an even complexion/
correction unevenness complexion. Comes in one shade and suitable for all skin types. 

From left: Whitening, Anti-Aging skin, Oily and acne-prone skin and Normal-dry skin. 

More info:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #6 & #12

Hello loves! ❤ Behold, my very first makeup items from Etude House! Lol loser kan? Always want to try the brand but its always not the right time until recently when Etude House was having their Buy 1 Free 1 promotion. Totally took advantage of that! At first I want to buy the Pore Wonder because I remembered +Amirah 'Izzah Mohd Najib post where she recommended people to try it but instead, I came home with these two :B LOL

About Etude House:
Etude's name was inspired by Polish composer Frederic Chopin's studies for the piano. Etude is a Korean cosmetic brand that believes makeup should be playful and not routine. Their products are developed to reflect four basic concepts: high quality, affordability, lovely design and a diverse colour range. 

Wearing #12 on my cheeks. What cha think? 

The colours that I picked up was #6 Grapefruit Jelly and #12 Plum Mousse Cake. The reason why I picked these because I wanted something fun for when I want to go out with my friends and something sweet for everyday wear and this is what the SA recommended. Never thought I would love it but I did! The colours come in vivid matte and pearly-infused colours that's said to be long lasting. The packaging is the cutest thing ever! It looks like a really adorable cookie and it comes with also, the cutest puff ever and has a bow! 

The texture is smooth but a tad bit powdery but that's probably nothing. It appears bright once you swatch it but it tones down once you blend it. Was surprised that both colours are actually wearable for everyday wear as it tones down to a more subtle colour but you can definitely build up the intensity according to your liking. 

Likes: The texture is smooth and matte! Pigmented but still gives a subtle blush on your cheeks and buidable according to your liking. A very soft looking blush. Has a wide range of colours to choose from. Comes in the cutest packaging ever with the cutest puff! 

Dislikes: In terms of long lasting, got to say no, nope. It fades pretty fast after a good 3-4 hours. But it may vary from person to person. 

Overall: So proud of my very first ever purchase from Etude House! Totally looking forward for a lot more stuffs! Thinking of collecting a lot more Cookie Blusher but got to wait till their next Buy 1 Free 1 hehe. Even my friends love this blusher when I apply it on them! 

Price: RM39.90 (8.5g) @ All Etude House stores nationwide. 


Here Sophia (Fashionista804 on youtube) wearing #6 Grapefruit Jelly on her recent video!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Aussino Stock Clearance 80% off!

Hello loves! ❤ 
Great news! Aussino is having their Stock Clearance Everything Must Go Sale that's up to 80% off next weekend! 
And the best part is, its at the same time and place as the Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet that you also don't want to miss! 

Honestly, I've been eyeing on a new bed sheet for weeks now! Definitely a great time to grab one and take advantage of the 80% discount!
These are some of the bed sheets that I'm currently eyeing! Got it from Aussino Fb Malaysia Page and I can't stop staring! So attractive! 
Can also be my Aidilfitri bed sheet. What do you guys think? :D

Here's the map to go to Taylor's Lakeside Campus this 25th-27th April!
Come early to avoid disappointment. See you guys there ❤ 

More info:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet! Calling all girls!

Hello loves! ❤ I have an exciting news for all you clothes lovers out there!
Ever heard of the Clothes Buffet? Same concept as the food buffet (yummy!) except you replace the food part 
with clothes! Lots and lots of clothes!! Even better than food right? All you can have clothes in one spot. That's the dream! Hehe. 

9 x 14 inches
"If you can zip it, you can keep it!" 
With an entry fee of RM60, shoppers will have access to 50,000 pieces of fashionable clothes in the 
buffet area. Each of you will receive a ziplock bag (above picture) and within 15 minutes, have to grab as many 
pieces of clothing as you can. And as long as you can zip the ziplock bag, you can bring it home! Isn't that just exciting?!

Not to forget, there will also be a Blowout Sale where each piece is 
priced at only RM10 per piece! It will be held from 4pm-6pm during the 3 days sale! 

And here are the sneak peek of the clothing that's going to be there! 
Last year a total of 16 pieces of clothing were smushed inside the ziplock bag. 
You think you can try to fit even more than that? Be there and show everybody who's the boss! Hehe

Here's the location map for you in case you don't know where it is. 
This is truly something you don't want to miss so be there ladies! Its going to be massive!

Terms and conditions:
♥ Cash terms only on event day
♥ No handbags and any other bags allowed in the ‘shopping area’
♥ May go for multiple rounds
♥ Only 1 bag purchase per session per person
♥ Sessions limited to while stocks last
♥ Clothes are all in brand new conditions
♥ No pre-loved/pre-owned/vintage items
♥ No trying allowed
♥ Shopper must be able to close the ziploc bag before exiting ‘shopping area’
♥ Bag must not be torn or damaged or a penalty for a new bag will be incurred
♥ No refunds
♥ Management reserves the right to refuse entry/sale of bag
♥ Management reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice

25th-27th April 2014
Syopz Mall @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Buy the tickets here:
More info:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleansing Facial Wipes

Hello loves!  Sorry for being MIA again. When you blog often, not blogging for 2-3 days feels like forever! But because of my broadband issue, I can only blog from 2am onward, sigh. Anyway, I came across this Pure Beauty Cleansing Facial Wipes from their Pomegranate Antioxidant range a few weeks ago when I walked into Watsons. Watsons displays it in front of their entry way so obviously it's like one of the first thing I saw when I walked in there. I thought the packaging's cute and the price's not bad so what the hell right? Besides, I love trying new things. That's my thang :B

About Pure Beauty:
Inspired by nature. Perfected by science. 
The theory of ageing states that living things age because cells accumulate oxidative free radical damage over time. Pure Beauty is based on the understanding that powerful antioxidants can limit and reduce this free radical damage, and slow the skin aging process. Over the past decade, Pure Beauty has embarked on a search for the perfect antioxidant, and along the way, we have discovered many more of nature's skincare secrets. 

Inspired by Korean skincare innovation, incorporating the finest natural ingredients and made possible by leading edge technology, we have created unique skincare products based on powerful antioxidant blends for visible, long-term results. All our products are dermatologically tested and proven to be safe and effective solutions that leave your skin looking healthier, softer and younger. 

First thing first, I really adore the packaging, simple and clean. A bonus right there. If you're familiar with the Biore Cleansing Wipes then 
you're very much familiar with the concept. You can open the plastic thing (hm, box... case...?) and take just the cleansing wipes with you if 
you're travelling and needed something smaller or replace it with their refill wipes (sold separately) or just any kind of wipes you like. 

Cleaning 5x better and cleaner in removing makeup, this facial wipes are under the Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant range. They have 
the Pomegranate range, Super Brightening range and Youth Restore with Black Pearl range. And they sell from skincare to BB creams and 
even travelling packs. Super convenient! 

 It's double the hygienic, another bonus right there. This facial wipes claims to protects collagen reserves, promotes healthier skin, 
helps skin rejuvenation and protects skin from free radicals by detoxifying, neutralizing, energizing and brightening skin. It's alcohol 
free, paraben free and lanolin free. It's also suitable for all skin types. And the wipes are soft and so so on the moist part.

Test time! I lined up all my main power to the battle field (eceh). This is all mostly what I use when I'm wearing makeup. 
I swiped it once and it removed 3-5% of the products. Most of the products did not budge at all!

I did three swipes on the first photo. The concealer, foundation, eyeshadow and mascara were 80% gone. Eyeliner and lipstick were 
half way there while the color brow was totally gone. Three swipes with little amount of makeup and only 80%? Not feeling it so far. 

The bottom photo was me doing the circular motion to try and get rid of everything. I don't know if you can see but the lipstick, eyeliner 
and concealer were still visible. This was only 1/4 of the wipes with little amount of makeup. I'm sure if I use every part of the wipes, 
everything will come right off but if you're just depending on this to take off of all you makeup then this won't do. 

Likes: The wipes are soft and delicate so it won't hurt or irritate your skin. And speaking of irritation, its very suitable for sensitive skin. It takes away pretty decent amount of your makeup away but don't depend on it to remove your entire makeup. I suggest removing your makeup with other cleanser first and use this to remove any leftover stain or dirt that you may have. Its very affordable and easy to get your hands on. It has a pretty decent smell, wangi juga lah and it makes my skin soft and fresh after using it!

Dislikes: A bit disappointed with its power. Though that's my fault, maybe I expect too much but I wish it could do better than what I've showed you. And I wish it could be a little more moist or wet.

Overall: For the price you're paying, I would say OK lah. Not bad at all. It's cheap, easy to find and it does the job. Not to forget that it's also travel friendly and hygienic so what more can you ask or hope for? But will I repurchase it again? For the price I think I would but I think I would repurchase it just for the fact that its soft for my delicate skin and it doesn't burn or irritate me. Always a plus!

Price: RM16.92 / 20 wipes @ All Watsons nationwide. (Guardian, Caring and all I'm not sure)
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