Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review: NovExpert Anti-Aging Eye Contour

Hello loves! ❤ This post was supposed to be up last week but I was so busy last week :/ Haih, sorry! Anyway, ever heard of the brand NovExpert Paris before? I seriously haven't but I got a chance by HiShop Malaysia to get to know this brand and explore one of their products, the NovExpert Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour. I'm 21 this year and I think its time for me to start using anti-aging products. I don't have the baddest dark circles and fine lines under my eyes but I do have them. And I hate them. Wish I can hide them using makeup but I can't :/ I mean I can hide dark circles but fine lines and wrinkles? DAYUM.

About NovExpert Paris:
NovExpert is 100% made in France - Designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in France. NovExpert was founded by researchers and doctors specialists of skin aging, These experts involved sign their formulas, inspired by recent advances of anti-aging medicine. The Novexpert Doctor Line consists of 5 ranges but only 3 ranges are available in Malaysia: Integral Anti-Aging Care, Express Anti-Aging Care and Eye Expertise. 

This one is under the Eye Expertise range. This product is made to retain our youthful appearance, energizing our delicate eye area and promoting cell recovery. The formula targets fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. "Ultra-high performance active ingredients to illuminate the eyes: chlorella (anti-dark-circle), green tea (decongesting) and plant pulp (lifting). A concentration of exceptionally high-performance anti-aging ingredients that target DNA and collagen for in-depth skin regeneration"

It has a pump which I love. Very hygienic. Its hypoallergenic and tested under dermatological control. This product can be used day and night and should be stored somewhere cool to enhance its effect. And you should close it tightly after use to preserve the properties of the Novexpert formulas, with high concentrations of plant extracts and biotechnological agents. Keep away from light, heat and humidity.

The texture is really light. Not too liquidy nor too thick. It comes out white/cream but when you touch it, it turns pink and sparky when you blend it but its not obvious when you apply it on your eyes and its easily absorb. It does have a scent to it but nothing too strong. 

I'm still using this product right now but these pictures are from last week. You can see that my fine lines have reduced and become a lot smoother. But I don't see any significant changes in terms of my dark circles but that's nothing a conceal can't conceal but fine lines? There's no foundation or concealer in the world that can hide it. 

Likes: Even though its labelled as hypoallergenic, it doesn't cause me any allergy or irritation at all and I have a very sensitive skin and eyes. But this may vary from person to person. It also smooths out my fine lines and leaves my eyes looking fresh! 

Dislikes: The only dislike I have is that its light. I prefer my eye cream to be thick and heavy, I don't know that's just the way I like it.

Overall: Despite that, its still a great product. I really love the fact that it reduces and smooths out my fine lines. It annoys me that I even have one but to find something that can actually take that away from me, well, lets just say that I'm holding on to it! Those who are searching for something like this should definitely give it a try! But if dark circles are your main concern then you should try this (here). 
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions were my own and 100% honest
Price: RM159 RM143.00 @ HiShop Malaysia

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