Sunday, March 16, 2014

My dream camera + Free discount code ❤

Hello loves! ❤ 
When we talk about cameras, of course everyone has their own preferred brand or series right? There are a lot of cameras out there from Digital Compact, Mirrorless or Semi-pro, DSLR, Instax or Polaroid, Camcorders, Go Pro and more! If you ask me about my dream camera or something that I've been eyeing on or been meaning to buy then my answer would be this; 


Why you may ask? Well first, take a good look at the packaging, body and the colours! Very versatile, eye catching, compact, trendy and ugh, a whole load more! But despite from its obvious chic design, the thing that makes me go gaga over it is its amazing camera! If you haven't check it out then you should! When you take a picture with this, your face will appear as flawless as the most flawless thing ever in the world, I promise! No wonder its the most preferred camera among my Chinese friends. Can't wait to get my chubby and short fingers on it one day, insyaAllah! 

Oh and guess what? Exclusive for my beloved readers, here's a discount code for you if you ever want to buy something from i-Pmart (which is btw, a really cool online site!). Its only valid with a minimum purchase of RM100 until 31st March 2014! Go crazy and you're welcome! ❤ 

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