Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: Fairy Blossom - Enhance and Embrace Your Feminine Beauty

Hello loves!  Have you ever heard of Fairy Beauty before? It's a collagen drink that enhances your inner beauty. Fairy Beauty came out with two collagen drinks: Fairy Whitez (focuses more on your face area and lightening up your skin) and Fairy Blossom (focuses more on breast enlargement and your inner health). I was so fortunate and ecstatic that I was given a chance to try the Fairy Blossom for one whole month all thanks to HiShop Malaysia! I have the Fairy Whitez with me which I bought using my own money and I will do a review on it too! Fairy Beauty claims that we'll be able to see amazing results in just 4 weeks after consuming their collagen drinks. So, lets see if my breast dah enlarge! Hehehe.

The packaging is really nice, simple and informative. They put all the ingredients, instructions, precautions, expiration 
date, etc in a very eye catching way. I think its so convenient to put all those things at the box itself rather than 
on a piece of paper as I usually throw all those stuffs away just after I read them for the first time. 

Every boxes contains 10 bottles worth 22 Mils each. And every bottles are made with Mulberry and Lingonberry (6000mg), 
Apple Stem Cells (1500mg), Wild Yam (750mg), Lobata (1250mg), Mirifica (1250mg), Soy Isoflavone (500mg). All natural!

First of all, just look at the bottles!!! So cute kan? Gerrramms! So, by drinking Fairy Blossom, it will relieves your 
painful period pain, strengthen your muscle and bone, gives you energy, increases your sexual desire, firms and 
lifts your sagging breasts, heighten the senses, elevate mood and enhances the quality of your sleep, balances 
your hormone and replenish vitamin and mineral, and quicker full body arousal. 

The bottles are kiutttt and small like that. Easy to carry around. You can drink it 1-2 bottles daily but I only drink once a day. 
It comes with 10 strays and an opener. You have to shake it first for about 5 seconds before you remove the cap from the bottle. 
Then, poke a hole using the opener, insert your straw and drink up! The taste of it is a little bit concentrated and sour to 
my liking but after awhile, I kind of got used it. See photos below for more in-depth info! :D

  • My breasts are a little bit firmer but enlargement wise, zero.
  • I usually have super crazy painful period pain but this time around, it was quite bearable. Thumbs up!
  • I often sleep very late at night but even after consuming this product, I still find myself sleeping very late at night but earlier if you know what I mean. Hm, do you?
  • It made me very energetic! I went Jungle Trekking last weekend and the total of climbing and going down the mountains took me 3 hours of nonstop walking and climbing. What surprised me was, I didn't feel THAT tired at all. Usually I'll be dead by the first hour but lasting through the whole 3 hours without whining, crawling, sweating like crazy, and without my hands around my waist was really a great achievement for me. But I was crazy tired after 6 hours HAHA! The drink made me energetic and strong!
  • I only had 2-3 breakouts during this whole one month! 

Totally digging this collagen drink! They are really not kidding when they say you can see improvements in just 4 weeks. They drinks are yummy (now that I got used to it), easy to carry and everything is just straight forward. There's no side effect and I would totally recommend this product to all you ladies wanna enhance their inner beauty and health!
*Dislamer: This products were sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Price: RM89.00 (buy it here)
But, they're currently running a promo of buying 2 boxes and get 4 free bottles @ RM178.00!

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