Monday, February 17, 2014

NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette: Yah Or Nah?

Hello loves!  Am pretty sure all of you are quite excited for this upcoming gorgeous palette by NARS which is their NARSissist Eye Shadow Palette that is going to hit our city in April. Word on the street is that it might just beat the (sort of) newly launched Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Well for starters, this palette has three shadows more (15 shades all together) than all of the Naked Palettes and it is sort of a combination of all three palettes too if you really look at it. 

But I'm not going to lie, this palette IS gorgeous! The colours are beautiful and I'm starting to love the first colour on the first row of your left side. It looks like a gorgeous shimmery light pink/champagne colour ugh I just want to lick it! LOL. But mind you that I don't have this palette as it has not reached Malaysia yet. All the pictures and swatches are from other people which I will link it all below! ^_^

Again, this palette consists of 15 shadows of their existing both duo and single shadows. Michelle from BubblyMichelle labelled the L and R to show the left and right of NARS existing duo shadows. 

Now there are so many mixed reviews about this palette. Some said Yah and some said Nah. But a lot of people and beauty gurus are returning this palette back to the store. For RM260++ ($79), the quality and pigmentation of the shadows didn't live up to their expectations. Some even said that Wet N Wild has better quality than some of these shadows. I mean it is NARS so obviously you got to put your highest expectations on it and you are paying a lot for it. Now let's compare it with the Naked Palettes:

The NARSissist swatches are from lcmakeupblog and the Naked Palettes swatches are from frmheadtotoe. Sorry if it is wrong for me to compare it like this but I just want to let you guys get a clearer picture of the differences in terms of pigmentations/colour pay offs between the two brands. 

For the price that you are paying for NARSissist, I would say that the Naked Palettes have greater pigmentations for much less cost, RM188 ($52). But don't get me wrong, not all shades are bad in the NARSissist. They said that the original colours in their singles and duos are much much better, pigmented and totally live up to the "NARS" name, it is just that the shadows particularly in this palette is a bit disappointing. But it is still a lovely colour nonetheless and some said that if you prime your eyes before, then you will love this palette!

Here are some videos that you can relate. They did comparison of the singles and duos and compare the colour pay offs. Some of them like it and some of them dislike it. And to tell the truth, I'm really confused right now! HAHAHA

I have two months to decide whether I'm getting this or not. I mean, come on it is NARS and it is cheaper than buying all the duos and singles in this palette. And the colours are gorgeous! There are always a pros and cons of every products from every brands and there are always going to be those who loved it and those who hated it. I mean that is the nature of it. I'm not siding on any brands, I love both brands and NARS blushes are the best! But I think (because I know myself) that I would see myself buying it anyways despite the hate reviews as again, it is NARS and as my dad always says, "better regret buying it than regret not buying it" so. 

What do you guys think? Will you still be in line waiting to get your hands on it this April or nahhhhh? 
Let me know! Maybe just maybe, we could wait in line together :p
p/s: Only 200 pieces will be sold this April!
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