Monday, February 10, 2014

Liebster Award ✿

Hello loves!  Am so excited that someone actually nominated me for Liebster Award. I mean, WHAAAAAAAAT?! :O Didn't expect any and surely didn't expect it coming from this lovely lady, Bella  She has some super neat tips and tricks on makeup for all you makeup enthusiast. Check her out! hihi. Thank you so much! Click (here) if you want to know more about Liebster Award! Its a pretty cool thing :3

  • My real name is Izzah Farihah but back in Myspace century, I changed my display name to Farr Ilora and long story short, many people started calling me that. Hence, my email address.
  • I was born in Klang. Raised in Shah Alam (still). Currently studying in Kuala Selangor. Pure Selangorian I am. Hashtag proud :p 
  • Had my first "cinta monyet" boyfriend when I was 11. Second boyfriend when I was 12. Hashtag whore hahahaha jk, I'm not D:
  • I climb the stairs with my legs all jengket up. Idk why but I'm used to it. 
  • I'm a very stubborn and rebellious girl. I'm the only troublemaker and out of control person in my family. 
  • Manusia PALING bermasa depan. I really don't know/can't decide what I'm going to be after I graduate. 
  • I took Science-ICT back in high school and I cut class/school ever so often during that time. I was a bad gurl :s 
  • I'm probably the best at shutting people out. Idk but most of the time I prefer to be alone (excluding my special someone).
  • I was so obsessed with Eminem, Linkin Park and Simple Plan when I was little. Bought their CDs and used to have a scrap book filled with their songs and lyrics hihihi. 
  • Felt in love with makeups when I was probably 7-9 years old when my mom gave me and my sister a tiny makeup palette from Avon. It had a few lipstick shades on the bottom and blushers on top. And my first makeup products and tools were from Elianto 
  • When I was born my mom wanted to name me Husna but my dad didn't like the name, thank god! Lol I'm just not a Husna. Right?

1. What's your favourite blog post in your own blog?
This is a tough question as I love each and every post but I would say the Cathy Doll Magic Cream review (here and here) because that's my most hit post hihi 

2. What's your favourite lipstick?
Revlon Kissable Lip Balm in Sweetheart because of its lasting power and sweet colour.

3. Who inspires you to blog? and Why?
No one really. I woke up one day with the urge to film my skincare routine (don't watch it I look so funny) and I just felt like I need to reopen my blog to share more beauty related stuffs. 

4. What eye cream product that you use and thinks it's the most effective one?
Clinique All About Eyes! 5/5 stars. Ask me why ask me why ask me waaaaiiiiiiiii 

5. Are you a cat or a dog person?
Cat hehe miaww. 

6. Skirts, jeans or tights? and Why?
Jeans for sure! Well because I wear scarfs :p 

7. Tell me a little something from the place of your origins.
Selangor terus maju, untuk rakyat Malaysia~~~~~~ Lol, I'm from Shah Alam and Shah Alam ada saya :B

8. Which Disney Princess character are you?
Does Fiona count as a princess? I look just like her. An ogre. 

9. What's your most favourite colour?
I don't want to admit that I like Pink 'cause I used to hate it so much 'cause its so girly but... Fuschia! 

10. Describe yourself in one word.
Pumpkin. Can you guess why? Hint: Body. 

11. What beauty product that you can't live without?
Probably face powder. I really don't like going out with just my naked face. I like to at least put something on to hide my redness and evening out my skin tone. 

  • What's your first makeup item?
  • What's your ambition when you were little?
  • Describe your kind of guy. 
  • Heels or flats? Why?
  • Your favourite childhood memory. 
  • The type of girl(s) you don't like.
  • What's your favourite brush or method to apply foundation? 
  • Your favourite brand(s) of nail polishes and your favourite colour(s). 
  • How do you organize your makeup and skincare collection?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • If you could bring one thing to a deserted island, what would it be? And why?

I know I have to nominate 11 people but I think that's just sad. I don't want to single anybody out because everybody deserve this award so, 
If you decided to accept this award then be sure to leave your blog post below. I would love to read it!! Hihi. 
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