Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: DANNI Multi-Colors Serial 10 Blush Palette

Hello loves!  Been MIA for a week because my new semester just started last week and a whole lot of dramas just started as well. Ugh, you know us girls and our dramas... Yeah. Meh sini nak lempang. Anyway, lets put the anger aside and put our focus on this beautiful blush palette by Danni! I have never heard of this brand before but after joining the #30daysmakeupchallenge on Instagram, I saw a few girls posting pictures of this palette as their favourite blush and I asked one of the girls where did she bought the palette and long story short, TADAAA! 

Honestly, I don't really know where this brand originated from, I tried searching but I couldn't find any useful info. I don't know whether its a rip off brand/palette, rebranding, original or fake or whatever. Also, each of the blush doesn't have a name... But lets just go with the flow :B

This palette comes with 10 beautiful blushers ranges from soft to super bright. It has both matte and shimmer finishes. The packaging 
is pretty basic, cheap plastic case but still solid. It comes with a plastic cover to protect the blush from cracking and such. 

This is me naming the blush by myself (left to right):

Washed pink, matte (Can be doubled up as a highlighter)
Natural pink, matte (Your everyday natural soft baby pink blush)
Soft peachy-pink, shimmer (Perfect for everyday too. Very natural)
Peachy-orange, matte (Soft pastel orange)
Intense pink, matte (For a fun bright colour on your cheeks)
Pastel pink, shimmer (Very soft but somewhat bright baby pink)

This is only two layers worth of blushes. The top row has a very soft and light texture and colour pay off 
whereas the bottom row is still soft but a little bit brighter. Nothing too crazy.

Bright orange, shimmer (Very bright but quite soft looking)
Fuchsia, shimmer (Intense but also a soft colour)
Firing orange, matte (Major intense deep orange colour!)
Medium deep peachy-orange, shimmer (Also a very intense peachy-orange colour)

 Also two layers worth of blushes and look at them colours! Top row is a little bit lighter but still in yo face bright and bottom 
row is MAJOR! in yo face bright like bucket full of sunshine bright! Crazy bright and intense colour!

Likes: The colour pay off is fantastic! Uber pigmented and uber soft. I'm a matte person but the shimmer colours give me a very nice subtle glow and I like it! I like to mix Soft peachy-pink shimmer with Natural Pink matte for a lovely everyday blush and put a little bit of Washed pink matte on top as a highlight. This blush palette is perfect for those who just starting out and the price is really cheap too!

Dislikes: That it doesn't come with any details and names so I don't know whether its fake or not like will it ruin my skin and whatnot. 

Overall: I really love this palette. The colour pay off is fantastic, great selection of colours, ideal for beginners like myself and could last pretty much a very long time. 

Price: RM 20 @ Hani Kryolan Malaysia 

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