Sunday, January 12, 2014

Review: Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brushes (Yellow)

Hello loves! ❤ To tell you the truth, I'm a brush freak. I'm slowly growing my makeup brush collection. I don't have a lot like all those professional MUAs but for a beginner, I'm guessing its pretty alright hihi. Natta Cosme has given me a chance to review a set of makeup brushes that I have never heard of (but glad and thankful that I did!) and a chance to "luaskan" my collection even more! Thank you Natta Cosme!!! This is my second time working with them. I'm really thankful! You can read my first time (here) alongside with Butterfly Malaysia.

Cerro Qreen Natural Pony Wool Professional Brush Set
"The choice of natural fur from the small horse makes it more comfortable and wasier for the makeup brush to hold the makeup powder"
Note that all the brushes in this set are made of the small horse fur except the eyebrow brush due to its specific function.
Brush handle: Rod
Brush wool material: Pony hair
Content: 6 pieces
Weight: 90g

A multifunction powder brush. You can use it as a powder brush, blusher brush, a bronzer and also a 
highlight brush! I personally use it for all. And the brush is freaking soft!!!!!!

This big and fluffy brush is perfect for blending your eyeshadow/harsh lines and for that soft looking eye makeup. 

Because of its medium size, I use it for dabbing eyeshadow all over my lids. I also use it to highlight my brow bones and my nose! hehe

I'm not really a smokey eyes person so I just use this to apply eyeshadow on my crease and cut crease. And it works perfectly!

I use this to highlight my inner corners and also for my lower lash lines. Its fluffiness makes it easy to apply and to blend. 

First of all, sorry eyeliner comot hahahahahaha I don't normally use gel liner but saja mengada nak cuba and omg fail! hahahaha. You can use this type of brush to apply brow powder on your brows for that soft and natural looking brows and also for an eyeliner brush. The brush is small and soft so its easy for you to control but in my case, it just proves that my hand is not good in controlling it and I made my eyeliner too watery :p 

Likes: Its not only cheap but excellent quality! The bristles are super soft, doesn't shed and bleed too! Just like the high end brushes. 

Dislike: I really like this brush set so no dislike from me! xx

Would I recommend it to my friend? Already did honey! Hehe. And did I mention that it comes in variety of adorable colours? Do you love pink? They have on in pink too! 

Price: RM36.90 RM29.52 @ Natta Cosme

*Dislamer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 


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