Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For this 2013, I am blessed.

Super LOL at the pic :p
Hello loves! ❤ Early this year I've made a life changing decision to fulfill something that I've been wanting to do for a very long time, vlogging. I have a love for makeup and skincare and I love trying and discovering new things as I go along. I also love watching tutorials on YouTube and bit by bit that influenced me to make one my own. People noticed me through my SimplySiti Skincare routine (here) and Cathy Doll Magic Cream (here) video. I got tons of views and that was when people started to subscribe to my channel :')

My blogging life started when I joined the BCL Malaysia Workshop (here) and met Colney (her blog). She invited me to the Benefit Cosmetics Birthday Party (here) and that was the start of everything and when I decided to really get involve in all these events stuff. I signed up for The Butterfly Project Blogging School 101 and to be honest, joining that was the best thing ever! Probably the highlight of the year. It changed my life! I met a lot of inspiring and lively bloggers, went to a lot of cool events and went home with a lot of goodies, got to test out some really cool items and also, got to improve my blogging style and attract more people to read it. And lets not forget about Hishop Malaysia! They've been giving me a lot of reviewing opportunities and also have helped me to improve my blogging life too! 

Blogging is now a part of my life. Honestly, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't get where I am today. My blog would be nothing without their help. They've made me became more obsessed and more committed towards blogging and vlogging. Though right now I'm more into blogging but I got plans for vlogging for 2014. I'm truly grateful for the opportunities that were given to me throughout 2013 and hopefully I will get more opportunities next year as well. I would also like to thank my special someone, my friends and my family for being so supportive for this new passion of mine and for encouraging me to do more. If there was a way to really show you guys how grateful I am for everything that had happened since I joined The Butterfly Project and HiShop community then believe me, I would do anything to show/prove it to you guys. For now I can only say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the opportunities and for the amazing experience! May Allah repay your kindness 


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