Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Inglot Warehouse Sales Haul

Hello loves 
Last weekend, Inglot Cosmetics Malaysia had their first Warehouse Sales at SUB International Beauty School, 8th floor, Berjaya Times Square.  It was held from Saturday till Sunday from 10am till late if I'm not mistaken. The huge sale price started from RM7+ Cheap right?

To be honest, I have never tried Inglot before because their prices are pretty much similar to M.A.C (except for the refills, they are okay!) so I thought why not just buy M.A.C, right? And that is why I never tried Inglot. Now that I have, man, I am missing a lot! Inglot products are awesome! I might be seeing myself buying some more in the near future :B Ahehehe. 

There were a lot of products offered at the Warehouse Sales from Eye shadows to Lipsticks, Concealers, Foundations, Fake lashes, Nail polishes and more! I was so rambang mata you know! I came there at 11am and there were not many people yet. A lot of the products were gone from the first day of sale so I did not manage to get all the good stuff. A lot of the lipstick, concealer, eyebrow and eyebrow wax refills were gone. I was sad about the lipstick refills because all the pretty colours were long gone :( But nonetheless, I am happy with my purchase!

1x 5 empty palette RM17.50 (np: RM35) and 1x 10 empty palette RM22.50 each (np: RM45)

1x Duraline RM32 (np: RM40)

2x Freedom System Round Brow Powder and 3x Brow Wax refills RM7.20 each (np: RM24) 

5x Freedom System Round Lipstick refills RM7.20 each (np: RM24) 

5x Freedom System Round Cream Concealer refills RM7.20 each (np: RM24) 

5x Freedom System Eye Shadow Square refills (cannot remember the price, will check and update)

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