Friday, December 20, 2013

Hawaiian Luau Party with Kinohimitsu!

Hello loves!  Last month I attended a super cool event hosted by The Butterfly Project and it was their last biggest event for 2013! Remember the 'Please pick me' Hawaiian Luau Party with Kinohimitsu (click hereentry I posted earlier last month? Well I was selected to party Hawaiian style with the other 49 fabulous and friendly beauty bloggers! It was totally a night to remember and I was beyond happy (just like the picture above) that I was invited to the party! I have never been to these kind of party before so thank you Mamasan and her fabulous team! 

The event took place at Villa Manja Spa located at Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur. The place blew me off my feet because it's a bungalow spa so the place's huge and not to mention, beautifully decorated! I mean seriously weh, lawa gilas. So every person who came will be given a Hawaiian signature welcoming flower (idk the actual name) and a chance to try a complimentary shoulder massage before the event started. Look at all the bloggers chilling and massaging, including our Mamasan! Haha. There's also a 123cheese photobooth sponsored by them and we can take as many photos as we wanted up until 10pm.  Awesome!

There were also a lot of Kinohimitsu products all over the area and believe me, I feel like stealing one of 'em that day :p 

 Mamasan and Kak Illy first time jadi MC and they were great! Hehe and that is Mr Danny Tham.

The first activity of the night was a "fill the container with water using a sponge" game and my team didn't win, too bad. We weren't fast enough haha. Then, there were a presentation of the newly launched Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster. It is the first and only symbiotic-organic blend that enhances our body to absorb nutrients by more than 2 times. Power-packed with an exclusive blend of high-perfomance probiotics, prebioics and vitamins, it empowers us to obtain the nutrients and benefits from the food and supplement for better and faster results!

Then came two gorgeous people giving testimonies about Kinohimitsu products. They mentioned their favourite Kinohimitsu products and told us a little bit of their stories on how Kinohimitsu changed their lives, their way of living and their appearance. And seriously, I was sold okay!

Then it's time to eat before moving on to the next activity! Wee! Ada sausage, rice, lamb, fruits and more! Anomnomnomnom.

After eating, we got a chance to use the card above to go to four stations and each station will give us a stamp at the back of the card to indicate that we are done with that station. The first station was where we redeem our gift bags containing Kinohimitsu products in it (awesome!). The second station let us tasted the newly launched J'pan Bio-Booster. It's delicious guys you got to taste it! The third station was a spin and win station but only the first three Hawaiian bloggers that got the jackpot will win the jackpot. The rest will win something else. I got two J'pan Collagen Diamond drinks, weee! The last station also gave us a drink, a boosting drink for the night hihi.  

What a Luau Party without a sexy luau dance am I right? hehe. After eating it's time to shake our sexy grass booty! First, there was a professional dancer shaking their booties away with some hip action. It was cool. Like a belly dancer you know so lembut. After that, it's time for the bloggers, including our Mamasan to drop it like it's hot YUP DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT WOOT!

The last activity of the Hawaiian night was announcing the winners for Best Dress and also for Best Instagram Picture. Congrats ladies! I didn't manage to capture photos of the Best Instagram Picture winner because I was too busy taking photos at the photo booth haha! I wanted a picture of myself alone and it's almost 10 so I run quickly to the photo booth and vain! hehe

My full outfit! hee. Credit (here)
I had the best time that night and I would like to thank The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu for this awesome powsome party and opportunity to get to know Kinohimitsu better and also to mingle with the rest of the community. I made a few friends that night and it was awesome because I'm a loner... LOL! And I also want to thank 123cheese for the photos above. What a great souvenir to remember the party! Again, thank you everyone!

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