Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baking: EDMONDS Sure To Rise Classic Scone Mix ✿

Hello loves! ❤ Yesterday my dad asked me to bake him some Scones and I was like WHAAAAAAAT? I have never baked any Scones before, hell I don't even know what it is. Then he said there is a pre-mix flour that he bought in New Zealand recently and all it takes is to add in some water and shape it. Super easy! Hehe I would love to do it from scratch but if there is a pre-mix flour then why not LOL. I used to love baking, I even took some classes back in the days but I have been busy lately so I kind of stop doing it for awhile but who knows later in the future :) But keep in mind that this is not like "How to bake a Scone" type of post. I'm just here to share :D 

In 1879 Thomas John Edmonds, then 20 years old, stepped off the sailing ship Waitangi at Lyttelton. Thomas was born in London in 1858 and had worked for Allen and sons, one of London’s largest confectionery firms. Thomas and his wife Jane soon opened a small grocery store in Linwood, Christchurch where Thomas learned from his customers of their dissatisfaction with the unreliable baking powder products they were able to purchase at the time. In response to their comments he began making his own baking powder out the back of his shop. His first batch of 200 tins went on sale in 1879. One customer reputedly questioned the superiority of the product over the one she was currently using. Edmonds is said to have replied "It is sure to rise Madam" and so the famous Edmonds promise was born. Demand slowly grew until its popularity spread from the housewives of Canterbury to span the whole of New Zealand.

Edmonds Baking powder also won a prize at the Dunedin Exhibition in 1890. As the 19th century drew to a close Edmonds moved to Ferry Rd, Christchurch and in the expanded premises increased production of Edmonds products. Edmonds Baking Powder went from strength to strength and by 1912 one million tins had been sold. Thomas Edmonds was not only a successful businessman but a pioneer in industrial policies, during the Depression the company was the first to introduce a five day, 40 hour week which enabled redundancies to be avoided. Today the Edmonds range of products has grown to include not only baking ingredients but flour, cake mixes, pastry, mayonnaises and salad dressings and the Edmonds brand still stands for Kiwi home-style cooking and baking.

Yup, takes only 25 minutes to bake and down here are the instructions!
Go for the classic or make your own version ;)

STEP ONE: 2 ⅔ cups of Scone mix into a mixing bowl. 

STEP TWO: Pour 1 cup of cold water into the bowl

STEP THREE: Mix it all up to form a sticky-soft dough. 

STEP FOUR: Place the dough on a floured surface and cut to your desired shape.
My favourite part actually hihi I just shape them into circles 'cause that's just easier :p

STEP FIVE: Place the Scones on a greasy pan and toast it in the oven! :D

STEP SIX: Bake it for 10-15 minutes with the oven set to 230 Celsius.
"Sure to rise" and it rises so beautifully! Ugh, breathtaking moment :')

STEP 7: EAT UP! Aheheheheher.
Love how the Scones turns out to be so fluffy. It's sort of hard on the outside but when you break it, the inside is so soft! 
And it tastes yummy! Just enjoy it with cream, butter or your favourite jam ;)

Wheat flour, vegetable oils (canola, palm), raising agents (500,541), sugar, milk solids, glucose syrup, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, 471,477), salt, antioxidants (306,339). Contains wheat, milk and soy as indicated in bold type. Packed on a line that also produces products containing egg.

Have you tried or baked scones before? Do you prefer eating it with cream, butter or jam?

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