Saturday, December 14, 2013

All I want for Christmas is...

Hello loves! I'm packed but I still forced myself to make this entry because today is the last day and I really want to participate. I'm currently all alone in the dark typing away while my friends are happily sleeping LOL. So, my favourite community, The Butterfly Project, who has been giving me plenty blogging opportunities and the reason why I'm still here, collaborated with Hermo Malaysia to grant lucky bloggers wishes come true for this festive season OMG! Never have I ever received any presents for Christmas or experienced the joyful feeling of opening presents in a magical and glorious Christmas morning under a big and fabulously decorated Christmas tree while still in my PJs holding a cup of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows on top... HMMMMMM HOW DELIGHTFUL!!!! (Guess someone has been watching a little too many Christmas movies :p) 


The reason why I choose PureHeal's Propolis 90 Ampoule because it is said to treat, soothe and restore damaged skin, redness and sensitive skin. My skin is fair but because of the redness all my face, my face appears quite dark and pink. It makes my skin looking dull and unhealthy. It makes me feel ashamed to show my bare face to the rest of the world :/ And that is why I really want this product for Christmas so that I can finally say, goodbye ugly redness that is ruining my self-esteem! and hello clear face ^_^ So dear Santa Hermo, please grant my wish :* Thank you 

Have you joined this Christmas wish? Come one, it ends today! 
And did you know that Hermo Malaysia is having Christmas promotions for the whole month of December? 
Come and check them out!

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