Saturday, November 16, 2013

SaSa Shape Up Challenge with Collistar Workshop 1

Hello loves!  Last month I attended my very first fitness program with SaSa called SaSa Shape Up Challenge with Collistar and this is their workshop 1. There are four workshops all together and I'll be attending my second workshop tomorrow but hm I haven't lose any weight yet although it has been a month since the last workshop :( Haha. So these are the things that happened during that day!

Registration: Little briefing, payment, take measurements and light refreshments before proceeding @ Celebrity Fitness Lot10

These are the products that they will be introducing in workshop 1 (Step 1) till workshop 4 (Step 4)

Group photo with the contestants before we start with the program hihi
She's giving the briefing about the program and introducing the Collistar products to us.

Dietary and cellulite presentation.
Now lets get the exercising ready! Haha we did Yoga on that day hm wonder what we will be doing tomorrow :D
 And that's the end of workshop 1! Can't wait for tomorrow :D 

The three products that I got from workshop 1 hihi thanks SaSa!

SaSa Malaysia facebook page
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