Friday, November 8, 2013

#Makeuptips101 Clean your face before you sleep!

Why do we need to clean our face before we go to bed?

Removing our makeup is actually THE most important step before we go to bed and dream about stupendous hot guys. Why?

It may cause acne breakouts
Our face is one of the dirtiest areas on our body. All day long our face is bombarded with pollutants, dust, and dirt. We tend to touch our face too (whether we realize it or not), which spreads even more dirt and bacteria that can cause acne breakouts. 

Let our skin breathe
Clogged pores are one of the main causes for skin imperfections. During night time, our skin repairs itself (exfoliate dead skin, repair damage, heal blemishes, rebuild collagen and elastin) so it needs all the oxygen it can get to do so. Makeup blocks the oxygen from reaching our skin, preventing it from self-repairing. Thus, causing a dull and dry looking skin and premature signs of skin aging.  

Bacteria multiples on your pillow case
Sleeping with makeup leaves your pillow with makeup stains. Those stains will become a platform for bacteria growth. The bacteria will infect your skin and cause acne breakouts, blemishes, and cystic acne. For clear and healthy skin, remove makeup before bed time and change your pillowcase twice a week.

Get rid of free radicals
Our makeup adsorbed loads of dirt, pollution and residues from the environment during the day. Removing makeup before sleep means that we are washing all those radicals away from damaging our skin. Free radicals causes cellular damage and fasten our skin age. 

Regenerate and rejuvenate
A good night sleep is very important to your anti-aging skin care routine. While you sleep, your skin is also resting and regenerating.  Removing our makeup, followed by a deep nourishing night cream will ensure you wake up with a glowing, rejuvenated complexion.

Take care of your delicate eyes
This area consists of a very delicate skin that can get easily dehydrated. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles, and can lead to premature aging. 

Imagine you are sleeping with a 2cm thick worth of dirt on your face ladies. Ew much? Very. 
Don't  be lazy and take care of your skin now before its too late or cost a lot more (laser treatment, etc). You better work work!
Source: Jericho Skincare & Atopalm.
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