Monday, October 7, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics 1st Boutique Anniversary Party!

Hello loves!  Last week my sweet friend Colney (thank you again, Colney!) invited me to the Benefit Cosmetics 1st Boutique Anniversary party together with the September babies + introducing their new product; Gimme Brow! The event was held at their one and only boutique @ One Utama. I still remember my very first Benefit product and it's also my very first high end brand that I ever bought :') It was the Christmas edition kit with all the tiny samples and all the samples lasted till today. 
The party started with us singing the birthday song to the September babies, followed by a super awesome magic trick! I swear that guy was awesome! He made a real flying bird came out of a picture frame! I mean whaaaaat?! And the food corner's so simple and pretty!  
Meet the Gimme Brow! Gimme gimme BROW gimme BROW gimme gimme BROW *Britney Spears - Gimme More* It comes in two colours; Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. It retails for RM85 and it's now available at their Boutique and at any Benefit booth/counters around Malaysia! hihi. They showed a little demo on how to use it and we can ask the staffs to do it on us too but I came with a ready brows (lol) that day so I passed the opportunity... Anyway! The wand is short and small = Control better! 

And and! I got to meet the lovely and famous beauty blogger Sabrina Tajudin and the beautiful and talented MUA Raja Suefina in person! They are super nice and friendly! Same goes to Colney too! First time officially meeting and talking to her. She's so sweet and funny! It was so lovely to meet all of you especially Colney ❤ And they also gave us a goodie bag (except for the Porefessional)! Yay! Thank you Benefit  
More info on the Gimme Brow visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia
More info on the pricing of Benefit products visit Sabrina Tajudin 
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