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Butterfly Project School Blogging101 Chapter 1: Natta Cosme Part 2

Hello loves! ❤ Yay, part 2! hehe. Check out my part 1 here!

THAYERS Alchohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera contains Rose Petal water blended with Witch Hazel extract, Certified Organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E! Did you know Witch Hazel helps to tighten up the pores? Yup! It tightens up the pores, smooths and beautify the skin without drying. Its also:
  • Alcohol-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Propylene Glycol-free
  • Un-Distilled Witch Hazel (with all the beneficial natural tannins)
  • Moisturizers
  • Cleanses 
Step 1: Smell the toner 'cause it smells so goooooooood! It has a rosy scent to it. 
Step 2: Pour a generous amount of Thayers toner onto the Suzuran Lily Bell Lilian Puff cotton pad.
Step 3: Wipe the cotton pad gently all over your face.
Step 4: See the dirt coming off from your face. 

If you wipe the toner/lotion infused cotton pad over face and see that its BROWN - that's remnants of foundation and you should be cleansing your skin better or change your cleanser. If you wipe the toner/lotion infused cotton pad over your face and see that its GREY - that's dead skin cells. 
Source by: Mywomenstuff
Notice the grey-ish dirt on the cotton pad? Yup that's my dead skin cells! I used to think that all colours that appears on the cotton pad are the same - remaining of foundation. Thank god now I know how to differentiate hihi

- Alcohol-free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
- Love the smell of rose! And it reminds me of Sirap Rose hehehe
- Moisturizing
- Gentle to my sensitive skin
- Removes all the dirt, impurities and dead skin cells
- All natural & enriched with vitamin E & Aloe Vera
- The bottle is made out of plastic (I'm a clumsy person) and has a ribbon 
- Refreshing
- Tighten the pores
- Could probably last for 5-6 months 

- Irritates my skin a lil bit
- Makes my face all shiny and oily 

Well its definitely no doubt that I'm in love with this toner! Because it gives so many benefits, I can totally put aside the fact that it makes my face shiny. I also love the fact that its Alcohol-free! Super gentle to the skin  And lets not forget the scent! Its annoying right when a certain toner have that super strong chemical scent ish tak berkenan. This toner is super duper cheap considering that it contains 12 fl oz (355ml) worth of toner for only RM58! Jackpot! 
*Dislamer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

Also, exclusively for my kind and fabulous readers, enjoy RM5 discount for purchase above RM50!
Just simply key in LOVEBT at the checkout to enjoy the discount!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Butterfly Project School Blogging101 Chapter 1: Natta Cosme Part 1

Hello loves! ❤ I have been working on this review for two weeks plus now and I have been torn between writing it in a single post or make a Part 1 and Part 2. So today I finally decided to do a Part 1 and Part 2 for this Butterfly Project School Chapter 1 in collaboration with Natta Cosme! So in this Part 1 it is more to unboxing and give a general description of the products that I'm going to show you in a bit. But before I start, I would like to thank The Butterfly Project and Natta Cosme for this amazing opportunity! I'm truly blessed and can't thank you enough for giving me a chance to improve myself as a blogger and prove that I can do more and achieve more ❤ So lets proceed to the fun part! Photos! 

1) Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner
In case you still don't know, this is the product that I was fortunate enough to review! So have you ever heard of this brand before? 'Cause I haven't. But that's the best part! Trying out products from brands that you never heard of! A+ My review of this product will be in Part 2!

Made of extract from the Witch Hazel shrub (Hamamelis Virginiana) and a blend of other time-tested ingredients - THAYERS® Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Astringents and Alcohol-Free Toners are soothing, natural treatments that cleanse, tone and soothe your skin. THAYERS® are the only Witch Hazel products made of non-distilled extract from the Witch Hazel shrub maintaining the highest levels of therapeutic tannins. 


Purified Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Certified Organic Filet Of Aloe Vera), Glycerin (Vegetable), Fragrance (Natural Rose) Hamamelis Virginiana (THAYERS® proprietary un-distilled Witch Hazel) Extract, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Water, Citric Acid, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate.

Retails for (right now during promotion) RM45 for 335ml!! Totally worth the money! (Np: RM58 & still worth it!!)

Side note: It also comes in a few other types! 

2) Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream 3ml

My answer to the question would be a) Moisturizer!
[Click here for more


EGYPTIAN MAGIC is an ALL-NATURAL, multi-purpose, healing skin and hair creme to benefit the ENTIRE FAMILY and PETS too! Daily maintenance for natural skin care from head to toes. 4-ounce jar. Very economical - a little goes a long way!

Olive Oil ( Olea Europaea oil), Beeswax, Honey, Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract. All natural honey ;)

Retails for RM5 for 3ml and RM125 for 118ml

3) Suzuran Lily Bell Lilian Puff

So in the small and neatly put together package, they included cotton pads (I can't remember how many), a note capsule which at first I thought it was a real capsule (lol joke on me) and a card with Natta Cosme name on it. And what do I think? My thoughts exactly!

- 100% cotton; 222 square-shaped pads per package
- Absolutely no fuzzies left after use
- Reduce your usage of cosmetic products and easily remove makeup and nail polish
- Made using superior cotton that is noticeably softer

RM9.90 for 222pcs/pack! Worth every penny 'cause the quality is oh-so-fine!

4) Cards
These are the cards containing information of the toner and Natta Cosme! 

Exclusively for my kind and fabulous readers, enjoy RM5 discount for purchase above RM50!
Just simply key in LOVEBT at the checkout to enjoy the discount!

Stay tuned for Part 2!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Next post teaser

Hello loves!  I just got back from my College yesterday and I saw two packages with my name on it. When I opened it I saw a pink box, I immediately screamed "Yay!!!!!" Haha. I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity giving that I'm new in this beauty blogging community. Thank you HiShop :') 

Stay tuned for the reviews! 
Visit HiShop: 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Neutrogena Deep Clean Series Revitalizing Pink Review

Hello loves!  Are you familiar with this simple yet pretty and attractive looking box? I redeemed this box from their website two weeks ago. I saw the post on their Facebook page telling us that we can redeem it for 300 points. Lucky me I have 700 points at that time :> Ihiks. I haven't been subscribing to any beauty boxes for quite sometimes now and I really miss Wonderbox and its elegant looking box! And I can't get over the ribbon! Its so cute I almost die!!!! Want to know whats inside? Come, I'll show you!
P/s: The ribbon's pink, the items are pink and its the breast cancer awareness month! So nice.

Tada! Its the Neutrogena Deep Clean Series in Revitalizing Pink! There are actually two options on their website. Either the Revitalizing Pink or Brightening Mulberry. Truth to be told, I was hoping to get the Brightening Mulberry because I want to brighten up my face hehe. So the two items that I got were the Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser and Foaming Scrub! 

Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser
- Effectively removed 99% of oil, dirt and impurities
- Contains pink grapefruit, helps eliminate dead skin cells for younger-looking and healthy skin. 
- Dermatologist-tested. 
- Oil-free and alcohol-free. 
- Non-comedogenic

- First time using a foam cleanser *excited
- Cleans my face and makes it soft
- The smell o m g dapnya
- Oil-free and alcohol-free
- Its pink! 

- Irritates my skin (because I have sensitive skin)
- A bit harsh for my skin 
- Makes my skin all dry, flaky and tight

Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub
A gentle exfoliating formula that cleans deep down into pores and helps reveal younger- looking and healthy skin.
- Effectively removes 99% of oil, dirt and impurities.
- Pink grapefruit scrubs formula that helps eliminate dead skin cells, for younger-looking and healthy skin. 
- Dermatologist-tested. 
- Oil-free and alcohol-free. 
- Non-comedogenic

- The 2nd best scrub I've tried so far!
- So gentle for my super sensitive skin
- The smell is.. asdfghjkkl delightful!
- The fact that its pink! hehe
- My skin feels so soft

- Couldn't think of any...


I really enjoy using both of these products especially the scrub! Hehe. Personally, I'm a fan of Neutrogena. I think most of their products are great. But I don't really like the cleanser. My skin is so not comfortable with it but it does leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth! (But dry lah a few hours after)

For more information
Wonderbox Malaysia:
Wonderbox Malaysia Facebook page:
Neutrogena Malaysia Facebook page:
*Dislamer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purpose but all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Does Dermacolor Camouflage System really cover up all your imperfections?

 "Camouflage for face, body and soul"
Hello loves! ❤ Have you ever heard of Dermacolor Camouflage System Creme Foundation? It is a paramedical line developed by Kryolan Professional Makeup. It is a highly pigmented makeup designed to correct and cover skin disfigurements, discolorations and tattoos. One container contains 30g worth of cream foundation and there are 11 shades to choose from! This foundation is pretty similar to Kyrolan TV Stick (I will do a separate review later) however it is not as full coverage as the TV Stick. It is still a full coverage foundation but I find that the TV Stick covers up my imperfections far better than Dermacolor. I hope you get what I'm trying to say HAHA! 
- Very easy to blend
- Soft texture
- Full coverage
- Doesn't feel heavy on your face & feel very comfortable 
- Your makeup will look flawless!!!!!!
- Last all day (even longer if you set it with its own setting powder & setting spray )
Doesn't crease to your fine lines. 
- Sweat proof & waterproof! (if you set it with its own setting powder)
- Suitable for all skin types


- Bought it for an expensive price
- Doesn't really cover up my imperfections 100%
- Gives you a natural finish while I prefer matte
- Make my T-zone oily within a few hours 


I really like this foundation, no wait, I love it! Though I have to powder my face a few times while wearing it, I still love this foundation. It is super comfortable and super soft when I apply it. It doesn't make me look cakey at all however if you apply so many layers, your makeup will look cakey. So be careful! If you set it with its own setting powder, your foundation will become waterproof and sweat proof. Even if you sweat, your makeup will stay the same just like when you first apply it. So much love for this foundation! 

What kind of setting powder am I taking about? I'm taking about Dermacolor Fixing Powder Waterproof! This powder will make your foundation last a lot longer and of course, waterproof! You can pretty much swim and your makeup will not budge! 

Where to buy and how much?
Dermacolor Camouflage System - RM132/30g
Dermacolor Fixing Powder - RM116/60g
(Its original price is actually really cheap, you have to be smart and search for pages that sells original dermacolor with its original price or join a spree [3 links from the bottom])

Other places:

Camera Ready Cosmetics
Hani Kryolan Malaysia
Sheira D'touch Full
Allure Dazzling
Beauty Fiks
The Fashionette Sisters 

Watch my demo & first impression review on Dermacolor Camouflage System! Haha I know the picture is so scary :O

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Hello loves!  I was so excited when I saw a package in my room and I was even more excited when I noticed that it was from The Fashionette Sisters! Like aaaaaaaa! All I could ever think of was "My Urban Decay!!!!" Haha. This is my first time owning any of UD products. I wanted the Naked Palette but I was out of budget so I guess this will do :3 Gotta save more money!

First of all, I really like the colour pay-off of this palette! Very pigmented and creamy  It glides on so smoothly when I swatch it and even when I apply it on my eyes. The colours are beautiful. Its very "me". Hehe I love earth tone/neutral shadows. Its very easy to wear and perfect for any occasions. This palette contains 6 full-sized matte shadows;

Venus (Soft, off-white demi-matte)
Foxy (Very light yellow/beige matte)
Walk of Shame (Very light pinky nude matte)
Naked 2 (Rosy taupe matte)
Faint (Warm, dusty brown matte)
Crave (Deepest, darkest brown/black matte)

So nice right that its matte? Shimmery shadows are just annoying in my opinion. And the packaging! I don't know how to describe it but I just like the feel of the palette. This palette is lightweight, compact and just perfect for travelling and to be put inside your purse/clutch. If you compare it to an iPhone, you'll see that there isn't much of a difference really. But the palette is slightly shorter though. This palette is definitely a must have if you're into neutrals and matte shadows! But I do like to get my hands on the other naked palettes and see which one is my favourite. Kumpul duit Izzah, kumpul duit!! Hehe. 

Follow The Fashionette Sisters on FB for products that are not available in Malaysia!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

SaSa Shape Up Challenge with Collistar ☆

I have always wanted to lose weight and I have been trying to lose weight by exercising and eating less. But every time I want to exercise, there is always something that is holding me back. Even if I do exercise, I will only exercise for 2-3 days then I will stop. WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. ME?! Seriously now, I have been fat for as long as I can remember and I don't want to be fat for the rest of my life. Do you know that feeling? You have been fat for a really long time, don't you think it is time to do something about it and not be fat anymore? Or at least fit? I want that. So badly!

Now with SaSa, I can finally start achieving that! SaSa has organized a Shape Up Challenge with Collistar contest partnering with Celebrity Fitness and they are looking for 88 contestants and I am one of the lucky 88! *shaking my pom pom* I seriously cannot believe that I got selected. So right now I have to be mentally and physically prepared for this. I need to motivate myself and not let myself quit like always /fp. I really want this and I will push myself to the hardest and reach my desire goal. I don't want to be skinny, I just want to be fit and not be fat, if you know what I mean. Wish me luck guys and hope that I can lose weight/reach my desire goal in 90 days! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow in 34 Eclosion ♡

Hello loves!  Last month I bought probably the most luxurious makeup item ever from Malaysia Make-Up Addicts' Organization (MMAO) on FB. They are currently doing super awesome makeup deals that you shouldn't miss like at all! I managed to score one of it!! Chanel youuuu. I wanted to buy the blusher but I was too late so eye shadow pun jadi lah :B 

The colours are really nice and pigmented. There's only one shimmery shadow which is the highlighter. But it's not too shimmery though which is nice! Idk why but I sort of hate shimmery eye shadows. Its too... Shimmery! Lol. Do you like shimmery shadows? Plus, I think matte shadows compliments my small eyes pretty well ;) Uhuks. This quad is perfect for everyday wear and a night out too! With its cute and compact size, it's just so handy to put in your handbag or even clutch! 

I wish I could own their blushes too! Too cute T^T I need to save up a lot of money or maybe just wait till there's another makeup deals from MMAO hihihi. Anyway, like I said, this baby was a steal. Bought it for RM69 ❤ while its original prize is somewhere around RM190. Best kan?! And its still brand new! So much love for this quad ❤ Thank you MMAO 

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Oh, while you're at it, please vote for me for the MMAO - Steal my look makeup contest please :s TQ!
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics 1st Boutique Anniversary Party!

Hello loves!  Last week my sweet friend Colney (thank you again, Colney!) invited me to the Benefit Cosmetics 1st Boutique Anniversary party together with the September babies + introducing their new product; Gimme Brow! The event was held at their one and only boutique @ One Utama. I still remember my very first Benefit product and it's also my very first high end brand that I ever bought :') It was the Christmas edition kit with all the tiny samples and all the samples lasted till today. 
The party started with us singing the birthday song to the September babies, followed by a super awesome magic trick! I swear that guy was awesome! He made a real flying bird came out of a picture frame! I mean whaaaaat?! And the food corner's so simple and pretty!  
Meet the Gimme Brow! Gimme gimme BROW gimme BROW gimme gimme BROW *Britney Spears - Gimme More* It comes in two colours; Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. It retails for RM85 and it's now available at their Boutique and at any Benefit booth/counters around Malaysia! hihi. They showed a little demo on how to use it and we can ask the staffs to do it on us too but I came with a ready brows (lol) that day so I passed the opportunity... Anyway! The wand is short and small = Control better! 

And and! I got to meet the lovely and famous beauty blogger Sabrina Tajudin and the beautiful and talented MUA Raja Suefina in person! They are super nice and friendly! Same goes to Colney too! First time officially meeting and talking to her. She's so sweet and funny! It was so lovely to meet all of you especially Colney ❤ And they also gave us a goodie bag (except for the Porefessional)! Yay! Thank you Benefit  
More info on the Gimme Brow visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia
More info on the pricing of Benefit products visit Sabrina Tajudin 
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