Friday, September 6, 2013

#Makeuptips101 Eyeshadow/Eyelid Primer. Do we need it?

Hello loves!  Do you like wearing eyeshadow? Yes? No, because your eyeshadow tends to crease a lot because you have oily eyelids? Also, yes, but you have oily eyelids? Well have no fear! That's why we have eyeshadow/eyelid primer! What's an eyelid primer? Eyelid primer (or eye primer) is just the same as a face primer (will do a separate post later) but made specific for the eye area. It's made to prevent your eyeshadows from creasing, make the colour(s) more vibrant and improve its longevity. There are so many brands of eye primer out there both cheap and expensive. You just need to find which one works best for your eye. The one that I'm going to be using today is from Essense. I did a review on it before. Click it! 

Is it necessary to use eye primer? If you have oily eyelids then it IS necessary for you to use it before applying any shadows. Why? If you don't then your eyeshadow won't stay on very long; creases, the colour(s) won't be so vibrant and you will use a lot of eyeshadow to make it vibrant. Don't believe me? Well let me show you! Hihi
1) My naked eyes. 
2) Applied only on my left eye.
3) Blend away!
1, 2) Shadow on the left appeared more vibrant.
3) Because I have oily lids, the shadow on the right started to crease after 10 minutes.
4) After a solid 3 hours, the shadow on the right faded. 

Conclusion: To me it is important to prime my eyes before applying any shadows simply because I have oily lids. Without eye primer, your shadows will fade away in a few hours and guuuuurl, that ain't prettay! Especially if you're out and about for more than 3 hours. Creasing and fading shadows aint prettay at all gurl. Trust me. If you don't have oily lids, you don't really need eye primer BUT you do need it in your collection. Why? Well don't you want vibrant and long lasting looking shadows?!!! You can also make your own primer! Save money right? Maskcara will tell you how. Goodluck! :*
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