Monday, September 9, 2013

BCL Malaysia Kawaii Makeup Workshop

Hello loves!  Yesterday I attended my very first makeup workshop ever. It was a Kawaii Makeup Workshop organized BCL Malaysia. It was held at the Circus Lounge & Bar, Pavilion. BCL is a company from Japan and it is short for Beauty Creative Lab. It is suitable for fashionable, young working adults who wants to look good. There are a lot of brands under BCL which are Tsururi, BrowLashEx, Makemania Data, ClearLast, and more. The workshop was actually free (so amazing!!!) but we had to pay RM30 beforehand to book for our seats and they will return a RM30 voucher for us to use to purchase their products. Actually, I never heard of BCL before but I found out about the workshop from Malaysia Make-Up Addicts' Organization (MMAO) FB. Since I always wanted to attend makeup workshop since forever, I thought to myself, "Ok, maybe this is the time!"

At first it was a little bit awkward since I went alone and it was my first time but after awhile, it was all good :D The BCL organizer was super duper friendly! They made sure that we took a lot of photos and offered to take our photos for us which was really nice and helpful especially for those who came alone like me. The workshop was conducted by a Makeup Artist from Japan, Mr. Tanabe. Mr. Tanabe's really friendly. Every time someone had a question, he would do a demo to them and explain it along the way. He did one to me too! He was really helpful and I really really really enjoyed his workshop! There are four looks that can be created (latest trend in tokyo): Shibuya Girl, Harajuku Girl, Akihaba Girl and Yokohama Girl. Mr. Tanabe showed us how to create the Shibuya Girl. The theme for Shibuya Girl is Cool & Confident! 

Tips to create the Shibuya Girl (this is my note):
Powder: Keep it light. Instead of brushing the powder, try patting. Pat it gently and swirl it lightly. 
Eyebrow: Start from the center and move it forward. Use pencil to fill in your eyebrows then use liquid to make it more natural. For the arch, they like to make it thicker than the rest of the brows.
Eyeshadow: They have this really cool eyeshadow sponge (picture will be shown later) and they will apply it like an eyeliner then smudge it at the end of the lid. 
Eyeliner: Start from the center and apply it between your lashes and your lid. Apply black liner on your upper lid and create a wing at the end. Apply brown liner on your bottom lid to make your eyes look more awake. For monolid, keep your liner as thin and as close to your lash line as possible. 
Mascara: There are three types of mascaras that the Japanese girls like to use. Yes, they use three mascaras at once :o If you have short bottom lashes, they key is to remove/take away 90-95% of products from the wand before coating your bottom lashes. Apply gently for several times. This method will reduce the possibility of mascara smudging under your eyes. (My question to Mr. Tanabe :p)
Lip: For lips they like to keep it light. To be Shibuya Girl, you just need to use coloured-lip gloss or a lip tint. 
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know, a lot of photos but what to do, I want to share it with you guys and plus, I'm super excited since its my first time hahaha. I really enjoyed the workshop and I will try to review their products soon. Anyway, thank you so much BCL Malaysia for this amazing opportunity and for the goodies bag! Love love love! ❤ Can't wait to go to another makeup workshop :p 
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