Monday, September 30, 2013

October Make Up Wishlist

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1) NARS Sheer Matte Foundation
Since NARS is opening soon, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out this foundation. I heard wonderful things about it. Even my friend recommend it.

2) Urban Decay Naked Palette & Naked Palette 2
Been wanting it for a very long time! Especially the original naked palette! 

3) Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
Cassandra from DiamondsAndHeels14 on YouTube use this to cover up all of her acne flawlessly so can you imagine how awesome this foundation is?!

4) Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere
Just 'cause I want to have some fancy brand every now and then :D

5) Lorac Pro Palette
Heard amazing reviews about this palette too! Gotta have it + I love neutrals! 

6) Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
Elle Fowler from AllThatGlitters21 and Blair Fowler from juicystar07 on YouTube raved about this for a few years now and it makes me want to have it :o 

7) Tom Ford Brushes
I heard that their brushes are amazingly soft and I would love to own one and be the judge of that.

8) EM by Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan is my number one favourite and I'm pretty sure a lot of you is into makeup because of her am I right? She's one of my idol and I would love to own one of her makeup, not just the life palette. 

9) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar
I heard that its really long lasting and the colour payoff is amazing! You can mix two or more colours to create your own shade which is so cool!

Well I don't plan to own all of these by the end of October but it would be nice if I could at least own just one? Hehe kena ikat perut ni!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Avon Feelin Fresh Whitening Deodorant Cream

Ugh, I hate it when there's no internet connection within my reach. Can die yknow! Daddy, nak broadband!! Btw, hiii! 

Deodorants. Deodorants are substances applied to the body to affect body odour (BO) caused by bacterial growth and the smell associated with bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feet and other areas of the body. (Eceh, SPM level essay) Hehe. All my life I thought all deodorants are the same, just different odours and functions. Oh, and types (cream, stick, roll on) too! But little do I know, its more than that. Back in the days, I used Garnier's deodorants but one day I tried the new formula and it made my armpits sensitive! Hahaha everything about me is sensitive huh? Then I tried Rexona but its not working either. My armpits started to itch real bad till it hurt. But my life was saved when I found this precious saviour of mine, Avon Feelin Fresh Whitening Deodorant! It comes in three scents; Powder Fresh, Citrus Fresh and my favourite, Spring Blossom! 
RM 5.00-6.90 (Depending on promotions) 

- Has a whitening formula
- Non-sticky, heavy and watery
- Dries up fast and doesn't stain your clothes
- Last pretty much all day and it smells so freaking nice!!!
- One tube can last you for a long time as you don't need much
- Affordable 

- Have to wash my hands after using it

Available at your nearest Avon stores and dealers!
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Journey with Roaccutane: The first month.

Hello loves! ❤ Today I want to share with you guys my journey with Roaccutane (Isotretinoin). I'm a late bloomer. I started getting really bad arse acne when I'm Form 4 while my siblings got it early between Standard 6-Form 1. Now that I think about it, I think maybe I got a severe acne back then 'cause there's a lot of acne on my face, my whole face. My face literally looked like the surface of the moon. Horrible. Then last year, I used a local skincare that has a peeling chemicals (?, idk) (whatever) and it cleared my acne and made my face really fair. But a few months after, my skin started getting really sensitive till I can't bear my own sweats. My sweats burnt the heck out of me so I stopped using the products. My acne came back again and I'm now prone to inflammation. 

A month before taking the pills, my skin condition has gotten really bad. I was so frustrated, I didn't know what to do and I was literally crying inside. You have no idea how sad it was to look at yourself in the mirror and saw this hideous monster standing right in front of you :'( At that time I was debating between trying Dermalogica or seeing a Dermatologist.  My mom told me to just see a dermatologist so that my acne can disappear for good. Since I was being impatient (the doctor said that lol), the doctor prescribed me the Roaccutane. She said its not a beauty pill. Many people use it to look pretty but its not a beauty pill. She told me not to share it with anyone though idk why. Anyway, you can learn all about Roaccutane here: 

Right now my skin is at its worst. My lips are so chapped and my skin is really dry. The driest its ever been! The doctor did mention that I will be experiencing some dryness all over ze face but I didn't know that its going to be THIS dry T^T Sakit you know. Your face will be so tight and flaky and when you remove all those flakes or dead skin cells, your face going to be red and pedih gila nak mati. And since my skin is super sensitive, it kind of made it worst. Right now I'm beyond frustrated, beyond devastated and all that crap, I'm just beyond it and I don't even know how to begin to tell you how I feel right now. But one thing for sure, its NOT happy! I feel like crying every single hour :'( No jk. But I have a friend who's currently on her 2nd course of Roaccutane, she said this side effects will only last for two months or so. After that or after I'm finished with my course, I'm going to have a beautiful skin; acne-free, insyaAllah :') I can't wait! Until then, I'm just going to stay at home keeping myself from the world (except going to class or eat). Ok I know all this babbling is boring to you. Lets get to the pictures! Yay! But BEWARE! You might be grossed out :x Click the pictures for closer look :) 
Hope you can still sleep tonight! Hehe stay tuned for the 2nd month! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

BCL Malaysia Kawaii Makeup Workshop

Hello loves!  Yesterday I attended my very first makeup workshop ever. It was a Kawaii Makeup Workshop organized BCL Malaysia. It was held at the Circus Lounge & Bar, Pavilion. BCL is a company from Japan and it is short for Beauty Creative Lab. It is suitable for fashionable, young working adults who wants to look good. There are a lot of brands under BCL which are Tsururi, BrowLashEx, Makemania Data, ClearLast, and more. The workshop was actually free (so amazing!!!) but we had to pay RM30 beforehand to book for our seats and they will return a RM30 voucher for us to use to purchase their products. Actually, I never heard of BCL before but I found out about the workshop from Malaysia Make-Up Addicts' Organization (MMAO) FB. Since I always wanted to attend makeup workshop since forever, I thought to myself, "Ok, maybe this is the time!"

At first it was a little bit awkward since I went alone and it was my first time but after awhile, it was all good :D The BCL organizer was super duper friendly! They made sure that we took a lot of photos and offered to take our photos for us which was really nice and helpful especially for those who came alone like me. The workshop was conducted by a Makeup Artist from Japan, Mr. Tanabe. Mr. Tanabe's really friendly. Every time someone had a question, he would do a demo to them and explain it along the way. He did one to me too! He was really helpful and I really really really enjoyed his workshop! There are four looks that can be created (latest trend in tokyo): Shibuya Girl, Harajuku Girl, Akihaba Girl and Yokohama Girl. Mr. Tanabe showed us how to create the Shibuya Girl. The theme for Shibuya Girl is Cool & Confident! 

Tips to create the Shibuya Girl (this is my note):
Powder: Keep it light. Instead of brushing the powder, try patting. Pat it gently and swirl it lightly. 
Eyebrow: Start from the center and move it forward. Use pencil to fill in your eyebrows then use liquid to make it more natural. For the arch, they like to make it thicker than the rest of the brows.
Eyeshadow: They have this really cool eyeshadow sponge (picture will be shown later) and they will apply it like an eyeliner then smudge it at the end of the lid. 
Eyeliner: Start from the center and apply it between your lashes and your lid. Apply black liner on your upper lid and create a wing at the end. Apply brown liner on your bottom lid to make your eyes look more awake. For monolid, keep your liner as thin and as close to your lash line as possible. 
Mascara: There are three types of mascaras that the Japanese girls like to use. Yes, they use three mascaras at once :o If you have short bottom lashes, they key is to remove/take away 90-95% of products from the wand before coating your bottom lashes. Apply gently for several times. This method will reduce the possibility of mascara smudging under your eyes. (My question to Mr. Tanabe :p)
Lip: For lips they like to keep it light. To be Shibuya Girl, you just need to use coloured-lip gloss or a lip tint. 
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know, a lot of photos but what to do, I want to share it with you guys and plus, I'm super excited since its my first time hahaha. I really enjoyed the workshop and I will try to review their products soon. Anyway, thank you so much BCL Malaysia for this amazing opportunity and for the goodies bag! Love love love! ❤ Can't wait to go to another makeup workshop :p 

Friday, September 6, 2013

#Makeuptips101 Eyeshadow/Eyelid Primer. Do we need it?

Hello loves!  Do you like wearing eyeshadow? Yes? No, because your eyeshadow tends to crease a lot because you have oily eyelids? Also, yes, but you have oily eyelids? Well have no fear! That's why we have eyeshadow/eyelid primer! What's an eyelid primer? Eyelid primer (or eye primer) is just the same as a face primer (will do a separate post later) but made specific for the eye area. It's made to prevent your eyeshadows from creasing, make the colour(s) more vibrant and improve its longevity. There are so many brands of eye primer out there both cheap and expensive. You just need to find which one works best for your eye. The one that I'm going to be using today is from Essense. I did a review on it before. Click it! 

Is it necessary to use eye primer? If you have oily eyelids then it IS necessary for you to use it before applying any shadows. Why? If you don't then your eyeshadow won't stay on very long; creases, the colour(s) won't be so vibrant and you will use a lot of eyeshadow to make it vibrant. Don't believe me? Well let me show you! Hihi
1) My naked eyes. 
2) Applied only on my left eye.
3) Blend away!
1, 2) Shadow on the left appeared more vibrant.
3) Because I have oily lids, the shadow on the right started to crease after 10 minutes.
4) After a solid 3 hours, the shadow on the right faded. 

Conclusion: To me it is important to prime my eyes before applying any shadows simply because I have oily lids. Without eye primer, your shadows will fade away in a few hours and guuuuurl, that ain't prettay! Especially if you're out and about for more than 3 hours. Creasing and fading shadows aint prettay at all gurl. Trust me. If you don't have oily lids, you don't really need eye primer BUT you do need it in your collection. Why? Well don't you want vibrant and long lasting looking shadows?!!! You can also make your own primer! Save money right? Maskcara will tell you how. Goodluck! :*

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + Review!

Hello loves! ❤ I'm back with another review! Actually I just entered a new semester and there's no internet connection at le second home so its a bit hard to update my blog. But now I'm back at le first home and ready to blog :D I'm such a huge fan of Clinique. As you know, Clinique saved my life once. But then it didn't but then it did again lol I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this brand. But of course, mostly love ❤ hihi. This is my favourite  moisturizer from the high end category. Its the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +. I have used the old formula for years now and I must say that the new formula is definitely better! I tend to use this whenever I need something strong or when my skin is a little bit too dry and/or flaky and when I'm wearing heavy makeup.
50ml; RM68 // 125ml; RM145

There's not much of a difference but I really like the thickness of the new formula. It makes such an awesome base for my makeup. My makeup goes on a lot smoother and flawless-er(?) with this moisturizer. It does stays on a lot longer than the old DDML and its super hydrating! And like I said earlier, I will use this whenever I need something strong for my skin because of the thick formula. The DDML+ doesn't make my face oily, greasy or sticky at all. The DDML does though. Its kind of weird actually because a lot of people said otherwise but honestly, the new formula is great!

The same thing that I don't like with the old DDML; absorption! The absorption is so freaking slow! "Quick penetration" lah konon. Hm, price? A little bit pricey and small. The old DDML is/was bigger.

Overall, I'm really happy and pleased with the DDML+. Totally in love with the new formula! 

Side to side pictures of the DDML and DDML+
So what do you guys think? 

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