Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beauty Friends face mask & Taiwan Near Ocean review!

Long post ye beware :3
Can you tell how in love I am with this shawl? :p
Hello loves!  Today I wanna share with you guys my favourite mask routine for when I'm feeling like making my face appear brighter and glowy glowy hihi I love trying out different kinds of masks from different kinds of brands. Face mask is a must for me. Can't go a week without 'em. My favourites would be the ones from SaSa yang beli 5 = Rm11 tu :B So effective and cheap! But I do have another favourite that I bought from International Beauty Expo (IBE) 2013 a few months back. Its the Beauty Friends Green Tea Essence Mask! I bought it in a pack of 10 if I'm not mistaken for RM10! So cheap kan? Rugi tak pergi IBE youalls. But you can also get this @ SaSa don't worry tapi harga lain lah and packaging pun a bit different maybe this is the old one.
Green tea should be your skin's BFF. It has so many benefits for you. It helps to fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, anti-aging, reduce redness and inflammation, acne and so much more! You can either drink green tea or use it as a face mask. Why this is my favourite? Simply because its gentle to my sensitive skin (some face masks do irritate my skin) and it soothes and reduces my redness effectively. I love pairing this mask with the Taiwan Near Ocean Whitening Cream that I got from IBE for Rm10 as well. I was only experimenting at first but I was amazed that it works so well together! Its like a 2 in 1 treatment! Not only will it reduce your redness and inflammation but it will also make your skin appear brighter (not whiter) and healthier! I know that its a whitening cream but I find that it will only make my skin appear brighter instead of whiter. But bottom line is, it works!
This cream is very lightweight, gentle to the skin and doesn't leave your skin feeling/looking oily at all. And its so effective too! The cream is easy to blend and your skin will instantly absorb it as you can see above. I know last picture tu youalls will be like "tak nampak mende pun" well thats the point honey! So easy to blend blend blender blending~ How do I combine the two products? Well first I spread the whitening cream evenly all over my face then I put the mask on and leave it for 30-45 minutes depending on my mood. Hoho. After you take it off, your skin will appear brighter, glowing and no more redness! 
(Click for close up) 
Aaa before and after! Can you see how glowing and bright my face was in the after picture? Ni bukan edit ye sila click for close up. This is really happening! Lol. So amazed with the result! Interested with the whitening cream? Well this is the perfect time to purchase it because they are currently doing a promotion until this 31st August! Hop on to their FB page to see/purchase their other best selling products especially their facial masks! You don't wanna miss this promotion guys! 
Yeah they do have their own whitening mask but I want something to soothe my redness at the same time. But lets be real, just RM2 for each mask? *jaw dropping* I know the original price is cheap already but RM1.50 boleh beli breakfast tau. Beli banyak-banyak boleh jimat banyak wang. But not only that, other products are on sale too! Everything's so cheap plus got twin pack some more. Here are some of the products that are on sale. Scroll down for their FB link if you wanna see more!
Just share the link, tag five friends and inbox them to place your order! Simple right? 
But remember, promotion ends this 31st August so hurry up! No time to lose!

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