Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Q/A: Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream.

Hello loves! I've been receiving a lot of questions regarding the Cathy Doll Magic Cream both from my video and my previous entry. A lot of people have been asking pretty much the same questions over and over again so I figured maybe I should do a Q/A entry and just answer everything for everyone. Easier right? :B

(1) How do you apply it?
 - Think of it as a lotion instead of a foundation. So just apply it as a normal lotion all over hands. You can reapply it as many times as you want and you can leave it on for as long as you want too. 

(2) Is it going to wash away after you rinse it with water?
 - The answer is yes BUT it will not fully remove everything off your hands. 

(3) How do you fully remove the product?
 - In order for you to fully remove the product you can either rub it off, scrub it or wash it with a shower gel. 

(4) Do we have to wash it before taking wudhu'?
 - Yes, you should definitely wash it off before taking your wudhu' because the texture of the cream is really thick. If you don't wash it properly, the water may or may not touch your skin. 

(5) Does it act as a foundation where your skin will go back to its original colour after you wash it?
- No sir. I mean yes after you wash it the product will come off BUT the effect doesn't!

(6) Is the whitening effect permanent or will it fade away?
- Good news! The whitening effect is permanent! Even if you stop using it for awhile or maybe a month or two, the whitening effect is there to stay. Cool huh? ;)

(7) For how long do we have to keep on using it?
- Its up to you guys actually. There's no expiration date to using it really. 

(8) Can we use it on our face?
- First of all, I would not recommend those with sensitive skin to use it on their face as it may irritate you so don't risk it. But for the rest of you, you can use it on your face and it works just as great.

(9) Is the product effective?
- Well honey, see the video lah ;) Lol but yes, VERY!

(10) Where can we get it? Online or in stores? And how much?
- ONLINE! I don't know whether you can get it in stores though I never come across one. But there are plenty of websites, facebook pages, instagrammers selling this product. You can easily find one. The cheapest one that I've came across is the FB link that I posted before. They're selling it for RM25 + RM5 postage = RM30 for 138ml! Some people sell it for RM50 :O So go and check this FB link up!
and if the link didn't work, try and search this FB page
"Cathy Beauty Shop"

There you have it guys! I hope I've answered everything for all of you. And I hope you will find this entry helpful. Thank you :*

Till then, 
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