Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bag Of Love June 13 Edition

Hello lovelies! Sorry I've been away for awhile. The Internet at my college is pretty slow but now I'm back so HELLOOOOOOO!  I received this bag last week and I already made a video reviewing and explaining every single thing inside the bag so you guys can go ahead and check that out right hereeeee. 

This is my first time subscribing to any of the beauty boxes here in Malaysia and what really caught my eyes about the Bag Of Love is that the concept of the bag is similar to Michelle Phan's Ipsy Bag and if you really know me, you would know that I'm obsessed with Michelle like how Ika (my friend) is obsessed with Juna and Fynn Jamal. LOL. So basically, each month you will get different kinds of bags with different designs with 5-7 beauty products in it. And you will also get 2-3 full-sized products as well which is amazing because you only need to pay RM39.90 for the whole bag! Insane right?
Like any other beauty boxes, you will get a description card telling you everything you need to know about the products that you received and as you can see, most of the products are superb expensive! But they only charge us for RM39.90 so what do you got to lose? Nothing. 
Vaseline Healthy White SPF24/PA++
Full size - RM15.90
You can basically get this product at any store and Kedai Mamak here in Malaysia but honestly, I wouldn't see myself buying this product on my own. I would rather spend my money on mascara or something. I'm so happy to get this product because I never tried it before so I'm really excited and did I mention happy? The smell of it is really nice. The texture of the lotion is creamy but not too creamy and not greasy or oily at all. Don't you just hate body lotion that makes you feel all sticky and shizz? Ugh. 
Definite Foundation Brush
Full size - RM118
This brush is a score! Never thought that I will get a full-sized foundation brush with only RM39.90 to spend! Insane. Insane. Insane!! I love collecting brushes and I'm really really REAAAALY happy to get this inside the bag! Though I don't really fancy this type of foundation brush but the fact that I got a brush is just... Insane! 
Clairol Pro Color Radiance Shampoo
Sample size - Range around RM43 for 250ml
Clairol Pro Color Radiance Intensive Mask
Sample size - Range around RM69 for 200ml
I don't really like this one just before its for coloured hair but I guess I will give it a try whenever I decide to colour my hair in the future. But for now, I don't have anything else to say about it. 
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray 
Sample size - Range around RM185 for 100ml 
This perfume smells so freaking nice!!!! So nice I tell you! Whenever I smell it I will close my eyes and instantly imagine the park where people have picnics, flowers, bees, butterflies, sunshine, fresh air, peaceful and ugh, so much more! I'm in peace every time I smell it. So looking forward to buying the full size! But I wonder do they have it in EDP? :o 
Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set 
Full size products range from RM69-RM169
First of all, the packaging is super duper cute! Simple but super cute! So far I've only tried the Sun Protective and I AM LOVING IT! I think it might just replace my sunblock from Clinique just because its white in colour and it doesn't leave my face feeling sticky. It blends pretty much like a primer or moisturizer which is the reason why I love it so much! Though the SPF is quite low compared to Clinique's but I just love the texture and consistency of the Cremorlab more! And I might just get the full size too! You can get Cremorlab at Muse by Watsons @ Sunway Pyramid. 

Overall I would say that I really love this bag. The products are super nice except for the shampoo and hair mask (but maybe I will find it helpful later in the future) but still, super nice! I'm loving majority of the products especially the brush! Ugh still can't believe that I got a brush!!! And I'm so happy that I got introduced to Elizabeth Arden's EDT and Cremorlab! Loving it so much! Can't wait for next two month's bag (might not subscribing to July's bag because I spent all my money on skincare....) but we'll see :) 

Go and subscribe to the bag!

Till then,
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