Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SimplySiti Skincare review!

Hello loves!  So finally today I'm going to talk about how SimplySiti saved me from the burning feeling of my sweats and how it made my skin returned to its normal condition. You can read this entry for more info. But mind you that right now my skin is not in its normal condition because of some stuff but I'm still using SimplySiti to make my skin return to normal. 
So at first I was a bit confused on which range to buy because as you know, the Clear Solution is for acne-prone skin while the New Age is for dry to dry combination skin. I wanted both since my skin is really dry at that time but I went ahead and bought the Clear Solution instead. All of my acne came back since I stopped using Azie Kosmetick (You can click the link above, I explained everything about Azie) so I was really excited to try this range. I bought the whole set except for the mask and scrub. I love the toner because it has an icy-feeling to it which is so refreshing! So I tried it for a month or two but sadly I see no results. At all! So I switched back to Azie because my mom forced me to and my skin went sensitive again and it brought along the burning feeling again! Sedih sampai nak mati :'( The burning feeling hurt a lot!
My skin was really really dry and there was redness all over, it was horrible. So I bought the New Age cleanser and toner which was on a pack deal at the time and Dermagic Beauty Moisturizer  The New Age range comes with its own moisturizer but the beauty moisturizer caught my eyes a lot more and I'm glad I picked that up because that moisturizer is the bomb diggity yo! It definitely does what it claims! It keeps my face moisturized as well as making my face looking a little bit brighter. So much love for that product! So I tried the whole thing for about a month and o m g my skin condition improved so much! There was no more redness around my face, my skin was not dry and tight, it was no longer sensitive and my sweat doesn't burn my skin anymore! That's my favourite part! Again, I don't know how that's even possible *giggles* but I'm just glad that it doesn't burn my skin anymore. Alhamdulillah!  :)

But that doesn't stop there. The New Age doesn't only hydrate my skin but also after two months of using it I noticed that my acne has decreased I usually have a lot of breakouts at one go but that time there was just around 3-5 breakouts which was amazing! I really didn't expect that the New Age can slowly cure my acne I mean I always thought that only products that are made to cure acne can only cure acne, if you know what I mean. I'm really surprised. But you know, I think I heard somewhere that when our face is really dry, our skin will produce its own oil to keep our face moisturized and oily as you know, lead to ACNE. I don't know if what I'm saying is true but I think I heard it somewhere. If its true then by using something moisturizing it will prevent your skin from producing its own oil. Hence, slowly cure your acne! But honestly, the New Age does work. Until now, I only have just 2-3 breakouts here and there but if Aunt Flow is in town then there will definitely be a lot more than that :o 

Seriously, if you're using the Clear Solution and you see no difference then maybe you should consider trying the New Age range and see how it goes. But if you have and it doesn't work for you then just keep in mind that its all about trial and error. Doesn't mean that if it works for me it will work for you too. You should try different products in order to find the right one. Don't be cheap ladies! Skincare is the most important thing ever. Note that! But the problem is now I don't know how to cure/fade away my super ugly scars! Its so annoying! I have so little acne but so many scars! And it look just like acne! If you see me without make up you will think that I have a lot of acne on my face but IT IS NOT ACNE D: I swear its not acne D: Please, if you have any tips and tricks on how to make my scars go away then please please oh please share it with me! I tried from the Clear Solution Scar Eraser to Hiruscar and even Dermatix but nothing is working :'( My friends are currently using Mederma and I can see that their scars are slowly fading away but I don't know, maybe I should try that but if you have something better like pills, collagen, traditional way or maybe facial treatment then please let me know! I really want to know :( REALLY WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!
Anyway, back to the topic, I'm really glad that I found SimplySiti especially the New Age range!  I wouldn't say that it changed my life like how Azie did but its somewhere around there :B And I'm so glad that my acne is slowly decreasing! Just have to find something to fade away my scars then I will be the happiest kid on earth! Can't wait to have a clear skin like before!  Wish me luck :* 

Oh and I always forgot! You can also purchase SimplySiti online if you're the type who likes to sit at home and shop like me hehe. They are doing a deal right now where you have to sign up before June 30th and get:
  • RM10 cash voucher for every purchase of RM60 and above
  • Exclusive Dato Siti Nurhaliza Acoustic CD (worth RM29.90) with online purchase of RM60 and above
And not only that! You can also enter an on going contest where you can win an Ipad Mini as well as 3x tickets for a day out with Dato Siti! Best kan? 

Till then.
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