Sunday, June 9, 2013

My new found love: Essense Cosmetics!

Hello loves  How are you guys doing? G-g-gooood? You see those three girls up there? Aren't they pretty? I admire the right one, I think she's the prettiest! What do you guys think? :B You know, I can't believe that all this while I've been ignoring this superbly amazing brand, Essense! I mean, it's really amazing! I've came across this brand at Watson probably like a gazillion times and not once have I ever think to like, buy them. So stupid of me! Thank god I finally came to my senses and bought a few things. Hehe. The products are unbelievably cheap! But that doesn't mean that the products are crap, no sir. The price range is more or less the same as the Silky Girl but I would probably buy a lot more of the Essense products just because the products are more eye catching and maybe (in my opinion) 5x better than Silky Girl. I've tried Silky Girl before and guuuuurl, I. AM. NOT. IMPRESS *snap. It's really affordable and the packaging is sooooo cute! Have you seen the mascaras? Adohrable 

So this is the things that I managed to get my dirty hands on. Can only buy three at that time because I was short on money :( but I will definitely come back for more! Hoho. So the first thing that I bought was the Blush brush (rm13.90). I always wanted a new blush brush because I've been using the old one for years so its a pretty good time to invest in a new brush. A new cheap brush! A new PINK cheap brush! Hahaha so obsessed with the colour! So pretty am I right? The brush is thin and not so fluffy looking but its soft! And the size is just nice if I want to carry it in my bag or something. 

The second thing is the Stage Eyeshadow and Concealer Base (rm13.90). Same price with the brush. Now, this eyeshadow base might just be my favourite one. Want to know why? Because it works just as great as the high end ones! Just as great as the Benefit Stay Don't Stray to be exact. I did some comparison between the two - applied one on my right eye and one on the other, but before that I want to tell you that I have a very oily eyelids (yes, everything about me is oily) and surprisingly, I see no difference. At all. My eyeshadow doesn't crease, it last longer and the colours appear vibrant on both eyes. I mean of course it does its Benefit but Essense? Now, that's just amazing! Stay Don't Stray costs around rm100 and I  stage only going to cost you rm13.90 and it works just as great thats just o m g I'm getting excited like;
Hahahahaha! And the last thing that bought and this is my favourite which is the Lip Liner (rm4.90). The lip liner is the jackpot! I mean really! Hehe at least for me :p Its so cheap, not that short (I hate those brands who sells short lip liners for an expensive price) and its crazy pigmented! The other day I bought NYX Retractable Lip Liner for idk maybe rm12+ or was it rm19+? I can't remember but that lip liner is a piece of crap. It doesn't glide on smoothly and the product itself is not smooth. I tried to line my whole lips with it to see how it goes and nope, not buying it again. Thats why I'm so excited with Essense Lip Liner! So pigmented, so smooth, its just ah-mah-zing! I'm so excited to try other products from Essense! I'm thinking of trying their blush, concealer and mascara next time around. Or maybe next Tuesday? HAHA!

But I didn't stop there! The reason why I was short on money because I bought some other things. I bought the Everyday Minerals brushes (11 pieces for rm85) from LivingSocial, Olay Moisturizing Lotion (rm34.90) and Olay Day Cream SPF 15 (rm29.90). Hihi. It was on sale and I needed a new moisturizer so why not? :P This is my first time using Olay so I will totally make a review on it. Probably about two months from now. Hehe so excited to try! And for the brush, its so so so so so soft! Can't believe how soft it is! I'm always a little worried when it comes to buying brushes online because we can't feel how soft it is so I'm totally amazed on how soft these brushes are! If you see the deal on LivingSocial then go buy it. Worth your money!

Till then.
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