Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My experience and review with Azie Kosmetik [Before and After]

I have an acne-prone skin which unfortunately, runs in the family. But sadly, my acne came a little bit too late than the rest of my siblings. They all had and have them around Form 1 while mine came around Form 4. And let me tell you, it was like someone had cut the wrong wire somewhere around my body and I woke up one day with a face full of acne. It was bad! My skin surface was in a really bad shape. It was (more or less) like the surface of the moon. And my face went all red! It was really bad I tell you. I had to bear with those bad acne for almost a year! I wasn't really into skincare and all that sorts at the time and the only cleanser that I used was Clearasil Face Scrub. It didn't really do much. Then I tried Oxy. I bought everything from Oxy but it didn't do that much either. Then around Form 5, my skin was sort of back to normal. I mean, there was still a lot of acne but it wasn't as bad as before and my skin's surface wasn't like the moon anymore LOL. But it was still bad.. Then after school was over I started using Clinique's 3 step. My skin was doing pretty good for the first 3-4 months but then it just stayed the same. But I still use it whenever my skin is feeling dry. So then I changed to the Blemish range but sadly (Again? I know..), it does pretty much nothing to my skin :(

After I've found Groupon, I bought a voucher at the New York Skin Solution. I was a bit naive and was too excited because of the cheap price! LOL. Went for a facial there and they scanned my skin and gave me a consultation. They said that my skin's really sensitive. They talked me into buying their skincare and said that they're going to give me another free facial if I buy them. RM500 for a set of four + a free facial. I was excited so I bought the skincare BUT after I've done the free facial, they try to talk me into buying a full package for RM3k. I was like "WOI GILA?!" Haha. They pushed me into buying the package but I strongly said no. Then they said something that made me regret buying the skincare. They said that the skincare does nothing but reducing the redness on my skin and that it only heal the surface, not the inside of the skin. WHAAAAAAAAAAT? If I knew that from the start, I wouldn't have bought it in the first place -.- 

Anyway, long story short, during Aidilfitri last year, my cousin introduced me to Azie Kosmetik. She has an acne-prone skin too but after using Azie, all of her acne disappeared and her face became whiter! My other cousin has also been using it too so I figured, why not? I want a clear skin too! I went to the Anggerik Boutique at Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam and bought the full set. Went through a peeling process for about a week and it made my skin really dry and flaky. It was horrible but then it's all good! Hehe. Azie Kosmetik has a really complicated skincare process. There's 10 products all together for day and night. There's two cleanser, two toners, moisture gel for in between toners, three night creams, daydream and sunblock. I normally spent a good 10-15 minutes to apply everything (well mostly because I'm a slow mover :p). After awhile I noticed that my skin had gotten better and my scars seem to fade away which was really exciting! Even my friends noticed that my skin had gotten better and whiter. For the first time after Form 4, I had only around 6-7 zits around my face which was ah-meh-zing! 

But after 7 months of using Azie Kosmetik, my skin became super duper sensitive to the point where I can't even bear my own sweats! I'm not really into sports but about three months ago, I played badminton for a few times and my sweats just burnt the hell out of my skin! I don't know if that's even possible but it did! My whole face went really red because of the burning and it hurt so bad! I tried applying different brand of moisturizer but the burning feeling won't go away. It happened every time I sweat. So I switched to SimplySiti for awhile and surprisingly, my skin condition improved! Like a lot! It wasn't that sensitive anymore, it wasn't dry and my sweats didn't burn my skin! But the problem was, my acne and my acne scars came back! Well it did came back when I stop facial but this time, it came back with its own entourage! My goodness! My mom told me to switch back to Azie so I did and again, my skin became super duper sensitive! And on top of that, the burning feeling came back again too! It was horrible!! So now I'm left with this horrible face just like back in High School :( So I went back to using SimplySiti (which I will do another entry on it) and now my skin is perfectly fine (except for the rashes) and it seems like my acne has slowly decreasing in number but my scars haven't fade away even a bit! I'm so frustrated but I'm just thankful that my skin is back to not being super duper sensitive and shiz. I mean I can still live with scars because there's always foundation to cover it up but a super duper sensitive skin? No thank you. 

To those who are planning on trying Azie Kosmetik, you might need to think twice on that. Yes, you will feel so darn good when your skin is all cleared up but are you willing to undergo those painful burning feeling, super dry skin, flakiness, tightness and ridiculous looking redness all over your face? And are you willing to go outside and let the world see your bad skin condition? You know, I've been there and let me just say that I came home everyday crying so darn hard inside of my heart. I live with my friends and I'm embarrass to cry in front of them so I just cry so hard either inside of my heart or in the shower. Sometimes I even cry whenever I see my face in the mirror. And I'm even crying right now. Thats just how bad my skin was so I don't want it to happen to any of you. But if you've tried it and it works, like still works then I'm so envy for you! But I've encountered a few people and the same thing happened to them too. But the choice is all yours. It was a great product when it worked but haih, what a shame. WHAT. A. SHAME.

So this is my face before and after with and without make-up. But again, my skin is not like the after picture anymore. Scroll done and you will see my current face. What a shame, I know but enjoy! (Click it to compare)

Till then.
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