Saturday, June 1, 2013

Everyday foundation routine using Bio Rich Series/Review

Have you ever heard of Bio.Rich Series N-hance Beauty Cream (with SPF 25)? I know a lot of people don't. But I'm here to introduce you to this awesome BB cream/Day cream/Sun block. Yes, its 3 in 1! Cool huh? I bought this product at a boutique (and also a spa) called Anggerik Boutique at Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. Came there to buy Azie Kosmetik sunblock but the lady introduced me to this product instead. She said that it works better. So I gave it a try and I loved it! And this is my second cream already hihi.
This is the texture of the cream. Its a bit creamy and a bit liquidy (lol) at the same time. It comes in one colour and one colour fits all skin tones. I tried it on my friend before and this cream came off a little fair on her skin but it sank to her natural skin colour after awhile. Its just like the Skin79 BB cream. It has a light to medium coverage and its suitable for all skin types. It has more coverage than the Skin79. For those with oily skin like me, I suggest you pair it with a good powder because it can get a little bit sticky on your face and it will make your skin look all shiny and shizz. For an extra coverage, pair it with MAC Skinfinish natural. That is what I use!
So this is my hideous face before and after using this amazing BB cream. Well, I won't call it THAAAAT amazing but its my favourite BB cream since its a day cream and a sunblock all in one! It gives a flawless effect to your face and it does covers up most of my imperfections including my rashes too! I mean for a BB cream, that's amazing! Though it's not the best BB cream but for the prize, W.O.W! There was this one time my Indian friend asked me what product am I using and she said that it looked good on my face :> Hehe. I tried searching the product online but I couldn't find one. And I only know one place that sells this and its the boutique that I mentioned above. So if any of you wanna try this product then let me know and I would love to buy it for you (on your behalf lah kan, not for free :p) and send it to you. Tu pun if you want to try lah because I really don't know where to buy this product other than the boutique so.. Hm.

I made a video using this BB cream and you can go watch it if you want. I use this BB cream almost everyday and I tend to grab this even more than my other foundations because its very light and it gives pretty much the same coverage. It doesn't make me feel like I have a lot of things going on, on my face and that's always a plus! Anyway, this is the products that I used in the video and of course, tak sah kalau tak ada gambar gedik :p kuikui.

And this is my video, hope you guys enjoy!
Till then.
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