Friday, May 31, 2013

BelleWave Skin Care New York, USA review

Going for a facial treatment was never in my list but after I found Groupon, I became addicted. It started with just one coupon that I bought for my mom and I in Petaling Jaya. A full facial treatment for RM38 each? Now who doesn't want that am I right? So after that day, my mom and I became obsessed with the site and several other sites and every week we would check on any other interesting places that offers a full facial treatment with a cheap price like that. We have bought and tried so many facial treatments up until now! Hehe.

But four months ago, I stopped facial for awhile because I was busy and I noticed that my skin has gotten worse :( I have an acne prone skin and while I was so active with facials, my acne and acne scars faded little by little. After I stopped, my acne came back and left some pretty badass scars all over my face. So then I'm back to purchasing coupon... *kwang kwang kwang* I bought a coupon at a place called Enchanting Beauty in Dataran Sunway. The place is really nice and classy. Did a treatment there and the lady talked me into buying a full package with them. She said that if I continue jumping from one place to another, I might damage my skin even more because different place provides different treatment. So yeah, I was bought. She offered me a package where I only have to pay RM1800 (if I'm not mistaken) and get a RM3400 credit and use that credit to pay for my treatment. I never came across such offer before so again, I was bought right away *killing myself*

She introduced me to a skincare line that I have never heard before, BelleWave. Bellewave is a prestigious brand in skincare and cosmetics products that began in 1992. A seamlessly fusing art and science. Leveraging on the cutting-edge technologies of the Pharmaceutical Science and Dermatology, BelleWave has created close to 420 preparations using only the finest blend of natural botanical ingredients and the safest man-made enhancers which have a perfect performance record. The formal entity of BelleWave was BelleWave Derm-Tec Laboratory (B.D.T.L), joint force with the team of scientists from Switzerland. Today B.D.T.L has become an integrated part of BelleWave and continuously propelling BelleWave research advancements further. The creations of B.D.T.L were marketed to the public under the name BelleWave. Very rapidly, the fleet of preparations gained enormous commercial success soon after launching. They are highly recognized for possessing enormous affinity with the skin and exceptional ability to intelligently fine-tune skin from within. 

This is the products that she tried to talk me into buying. From left: ClearWave De-Bac Astringent Lotion, HydroWave Aqua Infusion Fluid, WhiteWave Gentle Cleansing Milk and GlamourWave Stem-Cellogist Youth Infinique Wonder Veil. They have a wide range of skincare line that suits your needs. Check out their website to know even further! The three small thing on the bottom right of the picture is the sample that she gave me. The three samples are the three boxes in the picture. She just wanted me to try and experience it on my own. 

This is the WhiteWave Gentle Cleansing Milk. This is for all skin types. It lightens and unifies skin, imparting transparency and glow to the complexion. It removes all traces of Make-Up, dull cells and impurities, including those caused by environmental agents. Smoothens and softens the epidermis as well as refreshes, calms and moisturizes skin. I have a very sensitive skin as well and I must say that this cleansing milk didn't irritate my skin at all. Some cleansing milk does but this one doesn't. It's really gentle and I'm very pleased with this product! However, I don't really like the scent that this cleanser has. I can't really describe the scent but to me, it's really unpleasant. 

This is the ClearWave De-Bac Astringent Lotion. ClearWave is for acne prone skin and oily skin. This lightly-textured antibacterial toner gently whisks away pore-clogging impurities and oil that can lead to imperfections. It purifies skin, fights against the formation of blackheads and bacterial proliferation as well as reducing blemish spots. It also acts as pore tightening, soothing, toning, anti-oxidizing and moisturizing. This toner is very gentle too. It doesn't hurt your skin or contain too many acid or alcohol like some local brands toner here in Malaysia. Hate that!

HydroWave Aqua Infusion FluidA silky smooth moisturizing fluid with age-defence effects, It restore moisture and suppleness to dry and fatigued skin while correcting appearance of fine lines and other signs of aging. Super refreshing and ultra-light, the fluid instantly quenches skin thirst with extraordinary moisturizing benefits. I love this green stuff! It's very moisturizing! But it does leave your skin feeling a little bit sticky but I'm okay with it. I use this every night and day. Sometimes as a mask too!

This is the only thing that I bought, which is the HydroWave Nutri-Moist Infusion Masque. It relieves dryness and roughness with superb hydration benefits like it said on the box hehe. The masque is the ideal supplement to any of our facial cream and offers the uniquely efficacious benefits of BelleWave most advanced formulas. Acting on skin's support structure matrix, its easily-absorbed texture allows for a quicker delivery to skin to thoroughly replenish moisture loss, enhancing skin's defence against dryness. 

This is the texture of the masque. Its creamy, smooth and easy to apply. Its sort of like a moisturizer but the texture is thicker. Once you apply it on your face, it will g0 a little bit transparent but you can still see the cream and feel the thickness of the masque. I usually apply two or three layers on my face after cleansing and leave it for about 30-45 minutes before rinsing off. This stuff is sooooooo good in terms of keeping your skin hydrated and I recommend those with dry skin to try this masque out. Its so good! 

As far as pricing goes, BelleWave is a bit expensive. Some of the products are even more expensive than some of Clinique's products. But if you are on a budget, you can try the Aqua Infusion Fluid. They sell the sample for RM20 each. I even bought two more samples! Haha. You can visit their Facebook page for more info on where to buy the product or if you are living somewhere near Damansara then go visit Enchanting Beauty in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara to buy the sample and get a clear view of the whole products. 

Till then. 

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