Thursday, September 29, 2016

Unboxing: #Altheaturns1 Birthday Box

Salam everyone!
Remember my last post on Althea's birthday bash (view here)? It was one hell of a fun day! Well just a refresher; Althea is an online platform for beauty lovers to shop skincare and cosmetic products imported from Korea. Yes, Korea! I know you girls love everything Korean, right? They have brands like 3CE, April Skin, Laneige, Tony Moly, Innisfree, Banila Co, Missha and more! And by more I mean, loads more! 

And these are what I got from in conjunction with Althea turns #1 birthday! Yay, unboxing time ^_^

I know, I kind of went overboard with the purchase here LOL! I blame Althea for having and bringing awesome brands from Korea right to our doorsteps with fast delivery. 100% happy with my purchase and I urge you girls to check out their website and splurge, splurge, splurge, splurge!! 

Let's start with Skincare. I bought the Petitfee Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch. Petitfee also carries Eye & Spot Patch in Ruby Rose and Black Pearl. Ruby Rose is to keep your skin healthy and youthful while the Black Pearl is to give intense moisture to the eyes. The onne that I got helps to firm up the eyes. Remember, prevention is key hehe. It's on sale from RM70 to RM27! Yes, 61% off discount. Get it now!

I also got the best seller item from Guerisson, their Guerisson 9 Complex Cream. Hehe bought it mostly cause I saw it almost everywhere and it got so many reviews too! This moisturizer contains Horse oil and it claims to maintain long lasting moisturizing effect for 72 hours and helps improve skin resilience excellently and strengthens the skin tension. From RM138 to RM46! 66% off tunggu apa lagiiiiiii.

Another best seller item that I bought is Banila Co Primer in Classic Matte. A lot of people raved about this and I just had to give it a try. It comes in three choices; Hydrating, Classic & Classic Matte. Being an oily girl, I just gotta pick Classic Matte. It doesn't make my makeup "cracked" once applied like some mattifying primer I know. Next purchase, hydrating! hihi. From RM99 to RM55 (44% off)!

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is the shiz guys! If you haven't tried it, you really should! Me and this BB Cream go way back. I remembered back in the days when there were only a few famous Asian Beauty Youtuber around and they were promoting Missha BB Cream and  Skin69 Super+ Bleblesh BB Cream in Pink. Once I found out Althea carries this brand, I just gotta buy! From RM60 to RM47! 21% off guys please get this now don't delay! hehe. 

Another base that everyone is raving about all over FB and Insta is the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion! Saw a lot of Instashops and shops selling questionable makeup brands at GM, Klang selling this that got me questioned the authenticity of the product. But fret not, at, you never have to question the authenticity of the products sold there as they are all 100% guaranteed authentic! From RM109 to RM55. 49% OFF! 

The last two items I got are the Witch's Pouch Selfie Fix Pigment! Got them in 01 Like that & 04 Push Star and OMG guys, this Selfie Fix Pigment is life! If you guys are planning to get them, please just get all 4! Worth your money and they are extremely gorgeous! P/s: I already purchased the remaining 2 HAHAHA. From RM51 to RM20! With 60% off mana tak bungkus semua :p

I said it earlier and I'm going to say it again, I'm extremely happy with my purchases! And seriously guys, with all these discounts 
and more on their website, you've got nothing to lose! More importantly since gaji dah masuk kan :p hihihi. 

Do keep an eye out for all of the reviews! Review on the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is coming up real soon. Stay tuned 

Do check out Althea @

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum

Salam everyone!

Age is indeed just a number but that doesn't mean we can take our skin lightly. Prevention is always key. And that's why I'm taking a step ahead and preventing it now hehe cause it's never too early! Introducing, The Therapy First Serum from The Face Shop! The latest addiction to The Therapy range alongside The Therapy Moisture Blending Cream. 

For your info, The Therapy range is an European blending formula-based skincare. It's formulated with anti-aging effect that uses rich mineral and blue algae that contains high anti-oxidant that helps in restoring our skin's natural radiance! 

This serum is the first step to our skincare regime after cleansing. I got to be honest here, my skincare steps were always like this; Cleanser > Toner > Serum and so on. It was a bit hard to get used to but I kind of prefer the new way better. The First Serum contains Thalassotherapy essential water that gives so much benefits to our skin. Such as anti-aging effect and extra protection to our skin from hot weather and air-pollutions. And did you know that it contain 100x more mineral than Evian mineral water? Crazy amazing! 

Not only does the First Serum helps in keeping us young and radiant with it's blending formula with Crystal particles and essential oils, it also helps in boosting hydrating to our skin as well as better absorption of other products after. That's why it's best to use it first right after cleansing. It also acts as an exfoliant when use together with The Therapy Green Tea cotton pad. Cool huh? 

How to use it? Pump out 1 or 2 times and apply to our skin by following our skin texture outward. There are so many ways of using this serum. You can use it as face mist (my fave! perfect for that extra hydration boost under a hot blazing sun!), massage gel and even face pack! I feel relaxed when using it as my skin really enjoys the water goodness. 

I apply the The Therapy Moisture Blending Cream right after and it makes my skin even more glowing and hydrated. This moisturizer is a double layer formula mixed with essential oils (Sandalwood, Avocado & Palmarosa) and rich moisture cream. It also uses the Thalassotherapy essential water. 

Overall, I really enjoy adding these two to my skincare regime. They have so many benefits and they keep my skin fresh and hydrated. They also help a lot in improving my skin texture and smoothness of my makeup. They make my foundation easier to blend hehe the perfect prep! Recommends for normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin or acne prone like me, it's best if we cure our acne first as the First Serum is nourishing enough to cause more breakouts. But it varies from person to person hehe as for me, it works fine :D

Come and give it a try. You'll love it! 

Price: RM148.29 | 130ml

More info:

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Event: #Altheaturns1 Birthday Celebration!

Salam everyone!
Welcome back, Izzah After being MIA for God knows how long from attending events, I finally went to the event that I cannot miss, Althea Birthday Party! What's Althea you asked? Well, my brother asked the same thing too lol Althea's a platform that delivers fresh Korean beauty products from Korea (of course!) up to your doorsteps in just few days! Yang penting, all authentic and they always give us the best price! 


It was held at Ruang, SS18 and the theme was pink! We were greeted with Korean snacks; few kinds of Kimbap (my first time trying it and it was not bad!), Bingsu Station - where we can choose any 4 flavours and top it with our preferred toppings, cool! And also various sweets and birthday cake! 

The thing I love about events the most is that I get to get catch up with my blogger friends as well as meeting new friends and my internet/social media friends for the first time  The decorations of the events were so beautiful that we can actually take pictures with all sorts of background. 

Not to mention, a stunning Althea-themed photobooth by Glitz & Glam Studiobooth
They'll take the photos for us and we get to keep the photos, yay! 

The highlight of the event was that we get to meet the CEO in person! Meet, CEO, Mr. Frank Kang. The CEO with an #originalblusher cheeks (HAHA!) and who can sing opera! Daebak! And guess what? We were surprised by the 30-minutes shop time on their website worth RM150! All went panic since we only had 30 minutes to shop. And my Althea box came in yesterday! I managed to buy another Laneige BB Cushion Whitening since my mom just bought me the pore control version on her last trip to Korea and another two of the Selfie Pigments, yay! 

The event ended with a Top 3 Best Dress Award and a surprise (yes, another surprise!) lucky draw from It's My, WondeRuci & Aromatica! All we had to do was grab any balloons behind the main stage and pop it! And I got the one from Aromatica (will review soon!).

Overall it was such a fun and happening party. Thanks Althea!! Looking forward to more events like this. Congrats again for the milestone! We will keep on supporting you as you guys are the best 

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